Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Wheat


Yesterday I received an e-mail from a nice lady who stumbled upon my meager blog.  Googling "Winter Wheat" she'd found The Giraffe Head Tree.


 She was putting together a program for her church and wanted to use one of the images.  Why, of course, I said. 


Please send me one for my portfolio, I asked, and she thought that funny.  It is funny, really. 


This exchange whetted my appetite for those images again so I looked high and low, finally finding them on my stand-alone hard drive.  Neatly archived away.  Out of sight.  Out of mind.  Until this nice lady's e-mail. 


Why do I do that?  Hide my images away?  Visiting these images brought back some fabulous memories.  More than that I really, really like them.  This is the same wheat field, two years in a row. 


May 2009 I shot them in bright afternoon daylight, a coming storm looming on the horizon.  Bright blue skies being gobbled up by bright white and grey clouds; golden wheat swaying in the wind.  May 2010 I rose before dawn and drove to the field awaiting the sunrise.  A gentle fog and rosy light made these my favorite images of all.  What do you do with your favorite nature images, and what is your preferred method for a portfolio for your work?  I'm really curious as clearly I'm horrid at both.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Photographic Experimentation

I've been playing.

Water, oils, lighting, textures and various lenses.

They're not birds or bugs, sunrises or trees.  

However, they are indeed created from elements from Mother Earth.

The joy of playing was so freeing, happy.


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