Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Singing in the Dark

For weeks now I've been hearing the most beautiful birdsong outside my window. Surely a warbler, I said to myself. So lyrical and crystal clear and unusual. Finally, I spied the singer sitting atop my front porch light singing for all the world like he was Pavarotti. Is it already time to seek a mate? It's January, my birdie friend, and freezing cold outside. Yes, the nest from last year is still safely ensconced within the porch light frame (we removed the bulb so they could safely and privately procreate and raise their family last summer), however shouldn't you do a little housecleaning first? Obviously he disagrees, as he sits within the nest and calls out for hours hoping for love.
This morning, walking Miss Baylee at a chilly 5:30am in the complete dark I hear him singing loudly. Why does a house finch sing in the dark, on a cold January morning? Frost is glistening in the sodium lights. His song is so beautiful, his heart so filled with love and longing.

That he sings in the dark is to me a metaphor for hope, and for determination, and an example of the eternal optimist. I wish you well, little house finch and pray you find your mate soon!

Oh, the porch light is yours for another year.


jodi said...

Happy little finch! I love birds but don't know many different species, however we have both purple finches and redpolls at our niger feeders (I spent half the afternoon comparing plumage and beaks with a bird book and the Cornell bird site to help. Not a lot of singing yet, but a lot of saucing, "Back off! Get your OWN seeds!"

Anonymous said...

I love these little red fellas. I won't see any up here for several months yet. I envy your view and serenade Debi.



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