Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest Entry

Small bumblebee pollinating the Autumn Sedum

Gardening Goes Wild hosts a monthly photo contest.  I've entered once before but our moving sorta took away my fun time blogging and entering contests.  However, I was inspired to enter their September Picture This Photo Contest with the above image.

Bees are all over my Autumn Sedum.  Bees of all kinds, as well as butterflies and skippers, weird flies and tiny bugs buzz in and around the pink flowers.  Kinda like Saturday at the Mall, there is activity everywhere, all day, every day.  I've had more fun chasing bumblebees and honeybees, all of which have been very patient with me.  Although I have some images that are more striking of the bees themselves, this one caught my eye because of the focus.  I used my Macro lens, F 2.8, 1/800 sec, ISO 400.  Can't wait to see all the entries! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Creative Heart

Heart-shaped leaf in the birdbath

Long ago a friend told me that she could always tell when her daughters were about to go though a growth spurt.  Their little bodies would began to visually thicken, expanding outward, building deep within before - whoosh! - growing several inches or more within a short amount of time.  This "thickening" was a signal to her that new clothes would soon be needed as her precious daughters grew up.  

What a wonderful analogy for Life itself.  This long ago conversation came to me recently when trying to describe my current status.  A Thickening.  I'm in the midst of my own personal, creative thickening.  

Everyone goes through this I'm sure, but I know this phenomena definitely occurs when it comes to artists and their work.  Painters, musicians, photographers, everyone who dabbles in a creative hobby or business experiences a down time.  This is a time to observe and meditate.  A time to explore and dream.  A time to open our hearts to different pathways.  A time to rest and absorb.  

I believe this thickening time important for the creative process.  As frustrating as it has been for me lately, I finally figured out that this down time is necessary.  Many friends have told me this but it seemed so that I was losing myself, my creative.  As Bart Simpson would say "...Doh!"  As my favorite season approaches and the dry drought heat of summer diminishes it is a relief to realize that I'm in the midst of a thickening.  What a lovely time to be resting, absorbing, observing, meditating, dreaming and exploring!  Welcome Autumn!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Creative

Man, I am so struggling.  My Creative is in Stuck Mode.  From time to time a burst of Creative will happen and then it's a thought.  What the hell?  I don't mean to whine.  Really.  I don't.  Here's a burst of the Creative that happened last week:

There was this teeny tiny moth outside on the bubble glassed panel that runs the length of our front door.  Our porch is dark, shaded, protected, and this little moth was resting there.  Slipping outside I crept closer and closer shooting as stealthily as possible.  I shouldn't have worried.  She wasn't bothered by my presence.

Because the porch is dark and shaded this was the best shot I could get.  I couldn't possibly bother to set up the tripod.  When the Creative shows up it's best not to delay.  It's the action that counts, and these images are okay.  The simplicity.  The little feathery antennae.  Feeling a tad more blissful I came inside, turned around to close the door.  I could still see the little moth from the inside.

The bubbly glass made the moth look like she's under water, and the light from within the house brightened up her colors.  How pretty!  It all depends on one's point of view, doesn't it?

Outside looking in or inside looking out.  The moth is the same but the images are completely different.  This wonderful hobby of photography has helped me truly "see" our world in many ways.  That my Creative will return I've no doubt.  You see, Autumn is coming and Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  Crisp air, bright skies, changing light - ahhhhh, changing light!  Gotta go chase it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


The earthy aroma of coffee mingled with the heady scent of books.  A favorite activity, strolling the towering, colorful shelves of a bookstore, is a bliss like no other.  New books, paperbacks, bargain shelves, children's corner, magazines and newspaper from around the globe lovingly caressed, thumbed through and appreciated by confirmed bookaholics.

The bargain shelf always beckons.  Upon this shelf I see something of interest.  "Meditations from A Course in Miracles: Inspirational quotes of universal wisdom."  A smallish book, covered with silhouettes of trees in a misty forest, it stuck to my hand like honey.  Flipping through the introduction I see a passage that gives me pause that goes as follows:

"Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists
Herein lies the peace of God"

The book divides the course thematically into eight topics.  My original intent was to read and meditate daily upon each page and write in my journal.  However, another goal has come to the fore, which is to post a photo a day - or thereabouts.  Sometimes my travels take me to places that do not allow for posting so I shall not beat myself up if I miss some days.  However, I can combine the two into one project, and add more books as I wish.  More quotes as I wish.  A book, a quote, a photo.

Recently, I've challenged myself to go outside every day with my camera and shoot whatever I find that's of interest.  Just in my yard.  There is always some tiny miracle occurring; it's up to me to discover it and see how many ways I can capture it digitally.  It's my daily meditation now along with reading and journaling.

The first section from my new Meditations book is on Adversity.  Page 1 - not admitting (into your life) pain.  "Nothing can hurt you unless you give it the power to do so."  This is good for me today for I have been allowing a situation to cause me deep pain.  The situation is unimportant, but what is important is my reaction to it.  It's an old reaction - an embedded pattern that I am trying to break.  Seeing it is the first step.  Just like seeing the beauty of a leaf floating in water.  I see, I see. 


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