Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baylee Update

Baylee has been very touched by all the well-wishes and concerns of my blogger buddies. She granted me one photo opportunity this morning before our short walk so that you guys can take a gander at her new bootie. In the beginning, we'd decided not to spend the $20+ for a bootie. However, after paying for bandaging that wouldn't stay put and could only be used once, etc., we did the math and realized we were better off with a sturdy shoe that could be reused daily and can be washed.
Look at all the Baylee hair on the carpet!
The Thera-Paw bootie was recommended by our veterinarian at the get-go when he saw the horrendous injury to the paw pad of her right hind foot. A quick recap - Baylee sliced about a half-dollar size chunk off her largest paw pad somehow during one of our morning walks. A real trooper she never yelped, never favored the paw, and still doesn't whimper during treatments. She is SO good about everything. She will lay down and raise her foot for me so that I can put on her bootie. She lays still while I apply the antibiotic cream. Then, I sit and pet her for 20 minutes so she can't lick it and the medicine can penetrate into her skin. No inverted lampshade needed, thank you.

And now a word from our sponsor. Okay...just kidding...they're not sponsoring anything and have no clue that I'm bragging on their product. Thera-Paw offers various products for injured dogs, from the Thera-Paw bootie above to sports wraps and slippers and a variety of rehabilitative products for dogs. I encourage anyone with a pup who needs help to check out their products. I'm very impressed with the construction and durability of Baylee's Thera-Paw bootie. With it she has enjoyed increased freedom and mobility while her paw is completely protected from sharp objects and bacteria. She is healing much faster and is a happy pup. A happy pup makes momma happy, too.

Daughter Kayla and Baylee sometime last year

I anticipate we'll be back on our morning walks by autumn, which will be much nicer for both of us anyway. Thanks for all your concerns about Baylee. We're both feeling the love!


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, so glad Baylee is doing okay. I LOVE that boot. I'm going to write about it on my _canine_ blog and link back to this post so people can read about it. I'm also going to check and see if it's available in Canada. Thanks bunches Debi for the update and for the great information on this wonder-boot.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good to hear that Baylee is healing quick. Dogs are amazing creatures. They rarely complain about anything. Just keep that water and food bowl filled and all is well with them. It is good to know about the bootie in case some disaster happens here.

wcgillian said...

Baylee has smart written all over her face. Good dog!


Nancy J. Bond said...

Hi Debi -- I've just spent some time catching up with your wonderful blog. Poor puppy! It makes me wince, too, just thinking about it. But they are remarkably resilient, and Baylee looks particularly smart. :) I'm happy to read she's doing so well. (And your daughter is beautiful!)

Michaela said...

That's a beautiful dog ya got there. She's so gorgeous!

Brett said...

Hope Baylee make a quick recovery, reminds me that Kep has not featured for a while on my blog.

aarond said...

Oh, I love Baylee. She is beautiful. I hope her little foot is better. I joined your blog as a follower and hope you will join me to read about our farm dog (Jake). My blog is all about farm life, animals, decorating, cooking, and lots more. Hope to see you there


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