Thursday, October 2, 2008


Baylee looking for squirrels

Baylee's paw has thankfully healed completely and the Thera-Paw bootie is retired. As good as she has been about wearing the thing, I cannot tell you just how old the routine was getting to be.

Can we go for a walk NOW?
We're back to our early morning long walks to the marina and back. However, I avoid gravel roads now and make sure she's on grass or the sidewalk and watch ahead for icky stuff in the road.

Baylee and my mom
She's so happy these days! Well, she's always happy. Fall is in the air and our morning walks have been blissfully cool and breezy. After she accomplishes her "big business" she'll leap in the air and run around in little circles, her tail high in the air - she is so funny! The road to the marina is lined with the lake front houses on the right and a large forest across the street to the left. One pre-dawn morning walk earlier this week Baylee and I heard a symphony of Great Horned Owls in the forest. The bass section would do their hoot...hoot-hoot-hoots..., which was answered by the soprano section of higher hoot...hoot-hoot-hoots. It sounded like several, or many, Great Horned Owls talking back and forth. GHO romancing, I'm thinking. Baylee stopped, sat down and looked into the forest for several minutes quietly listening, as did I. I'd never heard an owl symphony before, and was amazed by the simple beauty of the soft sounds. As dawn grew brighter the birds got quieter. When their song ended we resumed our walk. I love living here, and I love my dog.


Blessing Counter said...

Squeeze Baylee for us and tell her Claire is especially glad to hear she is back to normal! Love you so!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Baylee looks so alert and wise in the first photo. I am so glad you can resume your walking together.

Michaela said...

Aw you have such a sweet dog. What kind is she? Baylee looks like a sheep dog.

wcgillian said...

Very warm post and what a great looking friend.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hi everyone. Baylee wants me to thank you for all the nice things you said. She'd do it herself but has trouble with the keyboard.

Michaela - we lovingly call Baylee a "Bernial." She's mostly Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with some spaniel with a little border collie sprinkled in. Someone dropped her off in our neighborhood and we adopted her straight away. She has been the bestest, most smartest dog, like, ever in the history of dogdom!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Baylee is okay. She looks like a sweetheart and a wonderful walking companion.

I've heard owls in my woods, but never an owl symphony. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled! This has been a long haul for Baylee. I've been immersed in dogs lately, taking their photos:
Henry is the most recent.

So delighted Baylee is able to take those morning strolls again. That owl symphony is a blessing. Something few people would ever experience -- most people wouldn't even realize it was happening.

A blessing my dear, truly a blessing.



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