Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tick Tock, New Dock

You've all been waiting patiently for new photos of the dock, I'm so sure. Here are a few. Up top - no dock. The barge rumbles in and sets posts as anchors into the muddy river bottom.

The welding was my favorite part, undoubtedly.

Foreman Mark holds a post with a strap while the crane pounds it with a huge weight, which you can see below.

Each post is leveled by Mark, using his level and bare hands pushing or pulling the post as necessary while the weight booms down over his head. Talk about trust.

Just a cool-o, neat-o shot of Mark welding pre-dawn. It's not crisply focused because I didn't have time to set up the tripod. This is the best hand-held shot.

Someone welding on the second level.

An iron skeleton.

Camaraderie and respect.

Balancing act. These guys could give our Olympic gymnasts a run for their money, except for all those flips and splits, that is.

Another cool-o, neat-o welding shot.

Laying down the metal that will become the concrete form; cutting it to size.

There's such abstract beauty in the building process.

How many men does it take to pour concrete on a dock? I counted a dozen, counting the guys trailing up the bank to the cement truck.

A view from a neighbor's dock due east.

This guy had a really long pole attached to a squeegee thingie to smooth the wet concrete and I suppose get out the air pockets. Stop me if I get too technical.

Buffing and finishing the concrete. See the guys standing on the boat working on the lower section? The concrete was poured several weeks ago and more work has been done but I'll save that for another day. I know, I's completely captivating. It has been for me, anyway. I burned 2 DVDs of photos for the owner of the company just for grins. I have no use for the photos but maybe he can use them in presentations or something. It was such fun taking them and getting to know these guys. Thanks for indulging me.


Anonymous said...

What a cool project to watch Debi. #6 from the bottom of the welder in the golden light is a stunner. Composition, light, crop, everything about it grabbed me immediately.
I love your work.


wcgillian said...

That was pretty cool. What will you do foe entertainment when it is all done?

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanky, Patti. I love yours, too. Randy, when their barge left for the last time I was rather sad to see them go. Who knew this stuff would be so fascinating?

Eve said...

Very cool Debi! This was fun to watch for sure! And a nice dock to boot!

Anonymous said...

You got some great shots! I'm in envy :-)


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