Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monarch and Bee

New England Aster
My yard
Wheeler Lake
North Alabama

This sassy bee zizzed right in front of a Monarch sipping on an aster. That likely happens more than I think. Flowers are very close together and there are always a plethora of diners at any given time, plant to plant. This was 2009 on a day when the butterflies returned. It was late summer and temps finally warmed enough for them, I suppose. Last year was relatively cool as summers go, especially considering the desert droughts we'd experienced three summers in a row beforehand. Personally, I preferred it but clearly the butterflies thought otherwise for we didn't see any at all the first few months of summer. I can't speak for this year as I'm not there, in my garden, photographing bugs. Here, there are no asters or lantana so I cannot judge.

Are there lots of butterflies your way? How are weather patterns where you are? Here, it's been HOT, in the 100's.


bunnits said...

Still hoping to see a monarch in the wild this summer.

Gaelyn said...

I don't think I've noticed as many butterflies this summer as last. Yet we are having a pretty good monsoon this year. Seems pretty moist. And we sure do need it after 13 years of drought. What is "normal" about weather anywhere?

Julie Magers Soulen said...

What a great capture to get the bee and butterfly together! Our summer has been cooler and wetter than normal. I'm enjoying the respite from the hot dry heat we usually have.

Jenny said...

Love the photo Debs. Over here, we're having an ok summer. As usual, we might have a couple of nice days and then a weather front come through, that is normal for SW England anyway.
Haven't been able to get out as much as I would like to notice the butterflies I'm afraid.

Eve said...

Yes HOT...I like last summer much better Debs! I have had a good steady group of butterflies...but no monarch yet. See you in a little bit!!

Bo Mackison said...

Hot and wet. Wisconsin - the new rain forest?

Jan (VA Zone 7A) said...

Loads of butterflies here, too! Swallowtails galore, and just saw a monarch, too! Lots of other varieties as well. The 'heat' isn't as bad lately. I think AL is far hotter than VA, in the midst of summer...but it's been pretty darn hot here (and dry) for much of the summer. I really enjoy days that aren't humid and are a bit cooler. Hope your days get 'comfortable' for you, too!


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