Thursday, March 10, 2011


Horrified upon originally learning of privet in my backyard, I'm pleased to report that this variety does not appear to be the highly invasive and life-choking Chinese/European species. I am not sure at all just which variety of privet this is and would love any input. During these days of rest and reflection and backyard photo ops I've immortalized the blooms that are beginning to form.

This particular privet's blooms are tiny, and run all along the whip-like branches reminding me of a weigela. In full bloom it looks like a cloud.

My Southern Living Garden Book does not describe the blooms of each privet variety but research on the web indicates this is not the invasive form. Regardless, I think its blooms are very delicate and beautiful making for a nice photo study.


Bo said...

Delicate shots, oh yes. Lovely and delicate. My grandmother had a "privet fence" around her backyard years and years ago. In the 1950s and 60s. I loved the tiny white blossoms. You do them great justice in these photos.

Bo Mackison said...

Agh! I think I just lost this comment the first time I posted it. So I'll try again. I think the tiny blossoms are lovely and very delicate. I remember my grandmother had a "privet fence" enclosing her back yard in the 1950s and 60s, an area I played in, loved those tiny flowers. You do them great justice in your photos.

Eve said...

I have the exact same one Debi. You have captured this sweet bloom perfectly!!
I've noticed mine were overtaking a space and I cut them to the ground. They are now showing these beautiful blooms and seem more tame. I'll be watching them close, but plan to keep them short if possible.
Beautiful, beautiful photos!

Gaelyn said...

They are beautiful. I love how you've captured them in views from closed to open. Glad they're not invasive. Reflection is good.

I'm almost to Mom's.

Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful images. I love it.

Rachel Roushey said...

Lovely perspectives. It is so nice to see something in bloom with all the snow we still have on the ground up here.


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