Monday, April 4, 2011

Gardeners Sustainable Living Project

Hattie's pollen

There's a new garden to plan. Instead of windswept banks on the shores of a wild river the new garden will be a still, Zen garden in the shade. There are a myriad of songbirds that flit along the creek that ambles behind the house. Our lot is flat with lots of trees. The earth is compacted with poor soil quality.

Current plans involve azaleas and ferns, hydrangeas and ferns and hostas, sweet woodruff and ferns. Oh, and did I mention ferns? I'm crazy about ferns. As well, a signature understory tree for the front yard like a Japanese red maple is in the mix.

The gardening goal here is the same as the gardening goal was for the river - plant natives, plant to attract birds and bees and butterflies, plant to enrich both earth and soul.

My blogging goals will be changing for now. Instead of chasing elusive pelicans and eagles I'll be concentrating on smaller, more simple miracles as new gardens are created. I'll need a lot of help and good advice. I do know that I want to garden responsibly. Thankfully, I've a plethora of gardening friends who are fantastic about sharing their expertise and other stuff. Case in point...

My blogger buddy, Jan, at Thanks for Today is having a fantastic Giveaway. The 2nd Annual Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project is underway. No special writing or photography skills needed; just share the links and share in the joy! My apologies to Jan for completely forgetting to write a post about it - call it a Senior Moment. They seem to be coming more often. You are invited to check it out by linking directly to her blog - just click the photo below OR here.


Naquillity said...

sounds like you're going to be quite busy in the garden. i wish i could join in the fun but i've no green thumb. i always kill anything i try to grow, sigh. good luck with your project. have a great day.

Hilda R.B said...

Good luck whit your prosjekt!!! Wonderful photo!

Gaelyn said...

Nice to hear the joy and passion in your new garden. Natives are always best. I just let them grow themselves as I have a black thumb. Instead I take great joy in others abilities. Sure hope you'll be sharing along the way.

Rural Rambler said...

I think your gardening plans sound wonderful Debi! We want to get out there and get going but our weather is just crazy this Spring. I will be looking forward to your lovely pictures of your garden!

Bo Mackison said...

Oh, how fun. Love gardens and your plans sound ambitious, but great fun.

Green gardening--definitely the way to go. You'll be one busy lady--gardening and documenting your green growing with photos.

I think my perennials are still in partly frozen ground, but I hear things are starting to green up. I;ll get home just in time for the start of spring! :-)

What a great plan! Look forward to reading all about it.

Eve said...

I can't wait to get my hands dirty with ya dearie!!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Your plans sound so exciting Debi...I can't wait to see photos and read about your experiences as they progress! I always enjoy your beautiful nature photography so I hope you'll still find time to get some shots of pelicans, etc;-) But how fun to start gardens from scratch and think about what you'll put in them. Natives and all those earth-friendly plants are certainly winners and you will love each one. I'm learning about natives and have come to appreciate them in my garden. Thank you for linking this lovely post to my project, and good luck! Jan

The Garden Ms. S said...

How exciting! Ferns and sweet woodruff - my favs. I can't wait for your photos as the garden begins it new life. :)


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