Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Potter's Wheel

How to start this but to simply start writing and let my thoughts flow like water. Life seems to be out of control right now. Clearly in my soul I feel the deep working of God or Spirit. The Greatest Potter Of All Time has thrown my clay on a wheel and begun shaping me anew.

Just one second is all it took. One second, one misstep, one fall, one table - one day. God had had enough of us - me and hubs - and I believe one day God decided two of Her creations needed a massive re-do.

Massive re-dos take a lot of time and energy. I'm exhausted. I do not see the Giraffe Head Tree anymore. The passion for photography went on the back burner. Clever words left my brain and the blog suffered, sputtered and nearly died.

The desire to hear music faded but seems to be coming back as I stumble along this process. Journaling with pen and paper has been almost manic, as has "nesting," the act of finding and placing loved objects too long not seen.

However tiny the start of my personal Spring, a blooming is beginning to occur. I think I'm going to be okay, but I'm already a changed person in a very good way. A recent trip to Indiana to visit family we visited Spring Mill State Park, had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed a lovely stroll through the primitive village, the source of these photos. This trip was the first time in months I've actually taken semi-creative photos. It felt good.

The beautiful park was filled with flowing water. Honest-to-goodness babbling brooks, quick running streams where children played, small rapids lifted leaves into the air like little boats. The water, mosses, trees, laughing children were all a balm to my soul. I'll be back blogging more regularly but right now I'm going through a growth spurt. Please talk among yourselves and I'll be back later.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I understand completely how all things creative kind of take a back-burner when the difficulties of life intrude. I've been going through a painful growth process myself as I enter a new stage of life with my children now grown and dealing with my mom's death. Being on the Potter's wheel is quite painful at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Gaelyn said...

Debi, these are beautiful captures. You've lost no creative juices, just put them on hold for a while. We all need to keep working on ourselves. Enjoy every moment. Hugs

Blessing Counter said...

The Potter has a plan...and it is always for your ultimate good! Praying for you, my precious friend and thinking we need a visit!! Soon. I love you!

Bo Mackison said...

Keep on keepin' on. We're here when you are ready, dear one.

Eve said...

It's amazing how what seems to be spinning out of control shapes such wonderous forms.
Don't really know where that came from, but I'm sure it was meant for you sweetie.

sunflowerkat321 said...

This post nearly brought me to tears for two reasons...

For the last 5 years my life has been mushed and squished by hands other than my own. It's hard....I have a lot of empathy for what you're saying. I'm glad to read you are feeling like you'll come out better for it. I'm haven't hit the point where I feel that for myself, yet.

I grew up in Bedford, Indiana...just up the road from Spring Mill. It's one of my favorite places and I ALWAYS go there when I get back to Indiana. I don't know when I'll be back there again because now all the family is gone from there. But it has a very, VERY special place in my heart.

Did you grow up near there?

Good luck with everything. I'll look forward to hearing more from you when you're ready.

Hilda R.B said...

Wonderful photos! The first one was amazing. I wish you a great summer and take lost of images. I have you on my list and I am looking forward to see your photos.
Klem fra Hilda

Deborah Carr said...

If you can find the book 'Clinging' by Emelie Griffin, I think you will relate to the chapter on darkness. When I read it, I felt like someone had looked into my soul. And it's okay to be there; God works wonders on us during such times, so they are not to be avoided. I'm trusting this.

Thank you for sharing's nice to know we are not alone.


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