Monday, November 7, 2011

Gone - Back - Gone - Back....

I WAS home, but then I left again.  Two more trips.  One to Raleigh, then to Kure Beach, North Carolina.  The first was a family event, the second to recover from the family event - LOL!

We were only there a few days.

One morning I woke early to watch the sunrise.

Rather, I tried to.  

The morning was blustery and cold.  I know why lobsters have red claws as mine were pretty red and curled up by the time I meandered an hour or so waiting for some sun.

I did find some wonderful shells.  The early bird definitely gets the best shells.

However, the clouds were so pretty and made gorgeous dancing wisps above the ocean.  Lost of Maxfield Parrish clouds by the time the sun rose higher.  

Simply lovey.

I know I promised a story about a ranch in Nevada and that will come later.  In the meantime I've tons of Bat Mitzvah pics to process and upload, AND more beach pics, AND I'm getting to see my baby again soon!  More baby pics, more pics ... pics and pics and pics!  

By cracky I think I'm coming alive...


Gaelyn said...

Nice to walk the beach and clear ones head in the morning, even if not a brilliant sunrise, certainly pastel is OK.

Have fun with the new baby. And post some more of those pics.

Diane M. Schuller said...

and you sound alive -- like the sound of music!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Beautiful beach photos! I love the beach most after all the crowds have gone....even if it is a little nippy!

Diane from her nook by the sea said...

I hope you continue to feel so alive. Greetings of the season my dear.


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