Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Wheat


Yesterday I received an e-mail from a nice lady who stumbled upon my meager blog.  Googling "Winter Wheat" she'd found The Giraffe Head Tree.


 She was putting together a program for her church and wanted to use one of the images.  Why, of course, I said. 


Please send me one for my portfolio, I asked, and she thought that funny.  It is funny, really. 


This exchange whetted my appetite for those images again so I looked high and low, finally finding them on my stand-alone hard drive.  Neatly archived away.  Out of sight.  Out of mind.  Until this nice lady's e-mail. 


Why do I do that?  Hide my images away?  Visiting these images brought back some fabulous memories.  More than that I really, really like them.  This is the same wheat field, two years in a row. 


May 2009 I shot them in bright afternoon daylight, a coming storm looming on the horizon.  Bright blue skies being gobbled up by bright white and grey clouds; golden wheat swaying in the wind.  May 2010 I rose before dawn and drove to the field awaiting the sunrise.  A gentle fog and rosy light made these my favorite images of all.  What do you do with your favorite nature images, and what is your preferred method for a portfolio for your work?  I'm really curious as clearly I'm horrid at both.


Gaelyn said...

First of all, these are all great images that shouldn't be locked away. I am transported back to places as my images fade in and out on the screen saver. Yet alas, most of the many 100s of 1000s of photos are on my external hard drive so I made a file for my very favorites that's on my computer.

I actually sold a photo for a childrens book because of a google search.

BTW, I LOVE your header!

Bo Mackison said...

Love those foggy wheat fields. Very moody.

I keep my photos on a portable hard drives - two so I have 2 copies of each - and I go through old photos almost every day. Partly, because I'm having this big thrill re-doing quite a few, using whatever I want. I stopped telling myself there is only one ay to shoot this scene, how liberating.

As for portfolios -- booo! I get lots of requests from flickr, but i think because I was so obsessive about organizing. Still, it took a couple of years and my most requested are my Wright architectures and recently some of the artsy shots.

And I'm currently working on a online portfolio, ZenFolio, which I do like and will soon attach to my blog. And I have my better photos on an iPad, which I like much more than the portfolio book I used to show.

Debi, you have so many photos that are so perfect, what wonders you'd find looking through your photos.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I am enjoying seeing a lot of my older photos now as I revisit my archives and catalog the images with Lightroom. It's nice to rediscover some older beauties.

For several years I have kept a separate file on my local hard drive as a screen saver file. After any photo outing, a copy of any new favorite images get dropped there so I can enjoy them daily. As far as a portfolio goes, I'm also using Zenfolio. It's easy to set us and looks very professional.

These photos are breathtaking. I hope we'll see more of your old favorites.

trav4adventures said...

Isn't it amazing how the most simple things can be so beautiful? Thanks for stopping by my blog!
~~Cheryl Ann~~ (Deep Canyon)

Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photos!!!!
I can not answer your question. Have the same problem myself, do not know what to do with the images. I created many books for myself. It is not so easy to forget the pictures then.
Hope you got new idea.
Have a nice week to you.
Greetings from Hilda

Eve said...

A wonderful thing to have such a nice request Debi. We should all have our memories at our fingertips! I do have Picassa running my blog photos on the tv form time to time. It's very fun!

Deborah Carr said...

So downright lovely, this collection of winter wheat. Complete with the memories. I have stacks and stacks on my computer...takes me hours to find what I'm looking for. I remind myself of the absent-minded recluse, muttering under my breath, dressed with finger-marked specs and a baggy cable-knit sweater with no elbows...'Now, where did I put that photo of the cobwebs?'


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