Thursday, September 12, 2013


I seem to have writer's block.  Possibly even photography block.  What I am clearly having is hip block, as my left one is experiencing technical difficulties keeping me off the beach for a bit.  Still, there are tons of images taken since our arrival at my disposal, lots of experiences not shared and ideas not brought forth to my blog.  My poor, sad, neglected blog that so desperately needs a change.

We are fortunate to be living close to a beach.  Photographing sunrises has been a favorite activity of mine since our arrival last March.  Walking along this pier, watching the fishermen and women hauling in all manner of creatures (and letting most of them go), staring at the waves crashing beneath me, marveling at cannonball jellyfishes, sharks and stingrays cruising around, avoiding the pelicans and gulls who think they're going to get fed, then leaving through the store, buying locally made ice cream, is such a treat.

Riding the ferry brings intense joy.  No matter how many times we passenger the Cape Fear River ferry to Southport and back again the trip never grows boring.  Never.  Ever.  Such a peaceful calm.  Watching the pelicans, gulls and terns swoop and dive for lunch, and the gulls pacing the ferry hoping for a handout is so cool.  Occasionally dolphins will mirror the ferry for a bit before disappearing toward the mouth of the river into the ocean.  Once, we spied a bald eagle.  There are always sailboats, fishing boats and even ships to watch.
The salt marshes lend an exotic, mysterious, amazingly beautiful palette of seasonal colors.  Bright greens in the spring, purples and browns toward summer ending in the luscious golds of autumn.  I am in love with the salt marshes with its crabs and grackles, herons and egrets, snakes and oysters, dragonflies and damselflies.  The salt marshes are the magical fringe between brackish waters and the maritime forest housing creatures and plants unique to that environment. 
The coolest thing EVER is that we have our own turtle nest incubating at the end of our walkway to the beach!  These little guys are due to hatch sometime in October.  I hope and pray I will be here for their birth and slipping and sliding into the ocean.  How incredible!  What a miracle! 

So I'm pondering my blog again and considering even changing to Wordpress, thanks to a creative genius friend and blogger who encourages that direction.  Blogger always seems to have spacing problems, unless it's the blog-ee (me!) and not Blogger's fault.  No matter how tight I make spaces in between photos and text there are sometimes these large spaces that I can't make go away.  But, since it's just a blog let's just Let It Be.  For now.  So that's my random blog post for now!  I hope you are all doing well - I really miss you all!


Naquillity said...

i'm so in love with those first two photos. they're breathtaking. it sounds as though you have all kinds of wildlife to enjoy. i sure hope you can be there for the birth of the baby turtles. if so, maybe you could share some photos with us... isn't it fun to return to blogging? i understand your not knowing what to say, write or share but eventually you'll find your groove. just hang in there. hope all is well. have a great night~

Jan said...

Don't move! I want to retire there in a few years:) When we came down this summer I thought about trying to visit with you...but you know how vacations go; you just want to spend every minute soaking in the beach time! But if I actually MOVE there, we could be real friends and not just FB/blog friends :) Also, I can't leave any comments on wordpress blogs because for some reason, since I use blogger, wordpress thinks I should have a wp password and just won't allow me to comment! So, I have to leave a comment using FB! Very weird. I'm sticking w/blogger, although I do see (and experience) some of what you're referring too...
On another note, I am glad you posted. Even tho' you think you've got writers/photographer's block, even a post such as this one IS awesome. I'm kind of in the same boat. I don't feel the tug to post as much as I used to...but part of that, for me, is being more content than I used to be. Contentment breeds laziness? Perhaps!! Just post when you feel like it. Your fans will still be 'out here' :)
Enjoy your oceany-beachy-sandy-turtley experiences! Jan

Gaelyn said...

This post shows a quite creativity. I love your beach and coast photos. Sorry to hear the hip is slowing down those beach walks and hope for improvement soon.
I like WordPress but there's a learning curve to it also.

wcgillian said...

Still catching beautiful images!


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