Sunday, November 4, 2007


What began as an innocent pot of Italian flat-leaf parsley for my culinary uses turned into a lesson about life and death in the garden for me and my family and friends. Watering one morning I find three rather beefy looking caterpillars looking up at me. Good grief - there goes the parsley, I thought. Lucky for them I'm smart enough to know they will one day become butterflies, so they received their first gift of Life. Even better, a run down to the fabric store secured netting and twine so that their little nursery will be protected from spiders and preying mantis and wasps and birds.

Day 2 I find the first caterpillar has secured himself to a stick, wrapped a slender thread of silk around himself, and is ready for the inevitable metamorphosis process. I vow to record it all digitally, and spent the rest of summer watching the process of metamorphosis and emergence.

Months later I put two and two together and realize it wasn't just the butterflies who emerged from my front porch this summer but I, too, am undergoing an metamorphosis of my own. We all do of course, but we're not always clued into that fact. This blog is only one small indication of my own changing process. Like that thin rope of silk, I'm seemingly precariously perched waiting for the next indicating twitch within.


jodi said...

Debi, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...your eye for wonder and beauty is inspiring, and you write well too! I'm sure you're going to enjoy this as much as other blog-addicts do.

jodi said...

It's me again...I've tagged you to play 8 random things meme-tag; visit my posting at (this is shortened to a tinyURL to fit in comment spaces) to get the instructions on how to play, and do have fun! It's a great way to get to know fellow bloggers, and to have them see your site.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love your writing and am so happy to find your site via Jodi's meme tag.

I am new to blogging too. It has been great fun so far. I feel I have found people that are like thinkers and it is such joy to see how everyone expresses themselves.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Greetings Jodi! I've had company and am only now checking in. I have COMMENTS! How fun is this?! I won't be able to play until Thanksgiving weekend, sadly, so I hope your game will still be playing. But I WILL, I PROMISE!

Thanks for the invite and we'll chat soon.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hi again, Lisa. I'll check out your blogspot soon and I'm so happy to meet you here. Thank you for commenting - I'm beginning to feel more a part of things 'round here now!


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