Saturday, November 3, 2007

If I Had My Way

If I had my way children and pets would never be abandoned or abused. They would always have full bellies and clean water and lots of love and a warm, safe place to sleep. If I had my way I'd have a huge farm house in the middle of acres and acres of woodlands and rolling hills bordered by a river and I would have tons of animals and kids and lap up the love and beauty every day from my front porch Felder Rocker. If I had my way I would shoot great photos and make a living photographing and writing. If I had my way I would see Bald Eagles daily, and I would never tire of the sight. If I had my way I would never, ever leave my lake and my butterflies and my birds. If I had my way my birdseed container would never be empty, my birdfeeders would never break, and the cats would be happy eating the odd mouse instead of being tempted by my feathered friends. If I had my way my back would be strong and my yard would be filled with flowers and seedpods and grasses and trees and rock paths and driftwoods and all manner of natural beauty. If I had my way every butterfly species would visit my garden and politely and patiently pose for my camera. If I had my way my dear mother and all my bestest pals would live close by and we would visit often and laugh long and enjoy coffee with sunrises and wine with sunsets. If I had my way everyone would have a Golden Tree Hour.

I consider these and other ponderings during daily pre-dawn walks with my dog, Baylee. We walk to the beat of hooting Great Horned Owls and soak up the clear night sky and bright, abundant, twinkling stars. Mars has been huge this autumn. Watching the heavens revolve around the red planet has been a morning meditation. The loons are beginning to arrive for winter, and their haunting cries give me shivers of pleasure. My morning walks are very Zen - extraordinarily transcendent. They grant my soul peace while at the same time strengthening my back and heart. Hopefully, it's firming the rest of me as well. The chilly temperatures keep everyone else indoors warm in their beds so my walks lend a bit of solitude in my otherwise busy day.

Morning walks are a time for reflection, time for prayer, time to ponder and time to wonder what I would actually do, if I had my way.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

If I had my way I would have "your way" and it would be the only way.

I too get out every morning with my dog for a walk about. We both feel cooped up and covered with cob webs if we don't walk about.

Eagles nest not far from where we live and we get to see them often especially through the nesting season. I never tire of seeing them or any other bird for that matter.

Bay Hill Conservancy said...

Our morning walkabouts are critical for both of us. We have no fence so Baylee's cooped up inside all day. This give her time to read her "nose novels" and gives me time to stretch my legs and my imagination. We love watching the wildlife and journaling afterward. It's necessary.

Eagles nest close to you?! Wow! We live on a river and see them occasionally. We feel certain there's a nest across the river west of us but haven't yet found it. I'm a birding nut. This has been an exceptional migration year. Lots of unusual birds have come through. Perhaps the climate change is also changing migration pathways? Birds are very cool, as are butterflies. Thank you so much for commenting!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Before I even clicked on the comment box I was thinking, "If I had my way I'd have it your way". When the comment page came up I saw that Lisa was saying the same thing. I love to nurture creatures of nature too and I love to photograph the process. Glad I found your blog. Come and visit me at Robin's Nesting Place and see my summer butterfly collection.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Magical post. It reminded me of an Irish blessing:

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!


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