Monday, March 10, 2008

American White Pelicans

The American White Pelicans are still here, but I imagine they'll be leaving soon for parts north. Several journeys to Wheeler Dam have resulted in grand sightings and nearly spiritual moments watching these remarkable birds.

The other day my friend Carroll and I drove over expecting to find them gone and only cormorants, gulls and coots to keep us company. About 30 minutes passed before we observed nearly a hundred of them fly out of a hidden cove. We could barely contain our excitement. Walking up a path as far as it allowed, we could see through the trees an island with many more white pelicans upon it. By golly, we struck the Motherload. We were in Pelican Nirvana.

As of today over 300 photos of these grand birds have been downloaded from my Canon 20D gloriously filling up my hard drive. I am supercharged by bird migrations as a rule, but seeing the American White Pelicans so many times in one season is a special treat and makes up in spades for not spotting any Bald Eagles this season. More photos to come - fair warning!


Carla said...

I am originally from south Louisiana, so of course, I've seen pelicans...but never white ones. They are gorgeous!

Threadspider said...

Magnificent! What a glorious sight to see.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have heard that Pelicans are on the migration route. Isn't it amazing that some nest way up in Minnesota??

I think they are the prettiest birds. I have some really up close photos of thier big ole bill and there is alots of color there. I have always wanted to paint that but haven't as yet.

They almost look prehistoric to me.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Debi,

Great photos! I had no idea that I had a neighbor that was a kindred spirit! I'll look forward to checking out your blog in the coming days! :)

The pelican photos are fantasic!



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