Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hurricane Rita Sunrise

Sunrise the morning Hurricane Rita advanced upon the lake, September 2005

This morning dawned gray and chilly with a promise of afternoon sunshine. Walking Baylee I observed the weak sun straining to peak through the gloom and began thinking back to the brilliant sunrises and sunsets when we first moved to the lake. Drought changed the patterns of our sky shows but I've no doubts our vivid sunrises and sunsets will return again.

A new process in my life is visualization. Soon my wall will host a vision board to keep me on track of my goals - keep me focused. This morning it occurred to me to try visualizing brilliant sunrises and sunsets, visualizing the return of spring, visualizing my crepe myrtle not only living but thriving, and applying this technique to every bit of nature that surrounds me. We apply this technique to ourselves, so why not nature?

I'm not daft - we can't change nature itself by visualizing different weather patterns. You guys would alert the blogging police and have me carted off if I did! However, by visualizing stunning examples of nature I am changing the gloom in my soul - shining a light deep within to remind all my molecules of the beauty that surrounds me, and that I'm blessed. This will be my daily reminder - my blog shall become a virtual piece of my vision board. How's that for deep today?

As the caption says, the above photo was taken in 2005. I have a habit of rising before the sun, prefering on warm days to have my coffee on the deck and watch the sun rise above the tree line. Usually, I'm accompanied by the call of loons, but not always. This particular morning the sky began glowing a pecular orange long before the sun considered appearing. That's a good sign to get the camera. By the time I reached the dock the sunrise was as you see above, and I only got a few shots before it changed forever. In its brevity, this was one of my favorite sunrises. The storm, however, was another story entirely. Enjoy the sunrise and tuck it away in a dark corner for when you need it most.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Stunningly beautiful. I live for moments like this. :)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

That is a glorious sunrise. I'm not a morning person so I don't see to many of them.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whoa, that is a gorgeous sunrise. Like the old saying goes...Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photo Debi!


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