Saturday, April 26, 2008

Huntsville Botanical Garden

Ancient Dogwood

I took my daughter to the Huntsville Botanical Garden to see the ancient dogwood bloom earlier this month. At the perfect stage of bloom, with leaves not yet showing, the dogwood was a show-stopper for everyone who witnessed her glory. People were sitting in the grass just gazing in its direction as she stood tall and bright in the sun like some goddess.

To get there, one walks along a pathway through a long green that's lined with trees and flowers. Turn left past the Aquatic Garden and there she is. However, her blazing white canopy is clearly visible long before you arrive. The sight that greets you above is her western side.

However, the prize to me is the eastern side where the massive trunk and branches peek through in grand silhouette. Walking up and ducking inside, you enter into a completely different world. The sunlight filters through huge white blossoms and dapples the ground, branches and trunk like a fairyland. All sounds are muffled, muted. Lying down beneath her and looking up is spiritual to me - I could stay there forever.

However, others want to do the same thing so I must share her with the masses. Her branches are so thick and heavy they touch the ground in places, and stretch out very much like Live Oak branches.

A view of the ancient dogwood and a distant pink dogwood through the Aquatic Garden.

A pretty garden bench surrounded by tulips and yellow flowers.

The Aquatic Garden

The Summer House
(this is where I was married)

The Garden is my all-time favorite spot. I may say that about a lot of destinations, but this one is good for my soul. Walking through the kaleidoscope of color, smelling the heady fragrances, touching textured blossoms and leaves, sitting by the fountains letting the wind carry the spray in your face, hearing the laughing children among the buzzing of bees and birdsong and wind in the trees is healing, spiritual, zen.


Threadspider said...

A tree in full flower is a fabulous site, and this tree is one of the very finest. How beautiful.

Blessing Counter said...

As I admired the pics I was wondering if you would mention your wedding -- I'm so glad you did! It was a lovely day and your were a beautiful bride! I loved this stroll through Hunstville's Botanical Garden -- such sweet memories! Thank you!! Love you! C

Robin's Nesting Place said...

That is the most magnificent dogwood I've ever seen. What a beauty!

Carla said...

You did a beautiful job of showcasing Huntsville's Botanical Gardens! That Dogwood is magnificent!

I've just got to get down to the "Rocket City" soon.

Anonymous said...

you said it, "spiritual, zen"! absolutely. What a magnificent tree. What lovely photos you've shared with us as well. I see I may have a bit of catching up to do after this (final) week on the road. This was zen just reading it Debi.


Pam/Digging said...

I have never seen a dogwood like that before, despite having grown up in the southeast. How incredible it must have been to see it in person and lie beneath it. I feel happy just to have seen your beautiful photo of it. Thank you.

Gail said...

I have to agree with Pam/Digging never have I seen a Dogwood like this one, it's magnificent....but then you have a wonderful eye for composition!

I saw your comment and the John Adams quote at Soliloquy ...that is a great quote! What a terrific series.

clay and limestone

wcgillian said...

Dang it, you get some great shots! These are top shelf.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful place to get married. The dogwoods are magnificent.

Frances, said...

Sorry late comment, but I wanted to say that I have been to the Huntsville BG and agree about the dogwood, it was not in bloom at the time, but was still awe inspiring. The butterfly center and children's gardens were wonderful and fun, even for me alone. The entire place was so well tended, it was a joy to visit.

My Chutney Garden said...

What an amazing tree. This is like looking at something from the moon, it's so exotic for me-
It's a privilige to see it.

Eve said...

This is just so beautiful...I've been planning my trip here for months now!


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