Thursday, May 15, 2008

The sign on the door reads...

Three years of drought and no real spring and injuries and no gardening all came to a screeching halt several weeks ago. We have had the most glorious, perfect, exhilarating Spring we've seen in a long, long, long time. Folks, I had to go out and garden! I've hauled rocks for new borders, I've planted roses, lantana, geraniums, tomatoes and herbs. We've cleared the bank and are preparing it for the native azaleas. I've weeded and mulched and pruned and created paths. Every day I hit the garden before dawn and worked most of the day. I simply could not sit down in front of a computer - it was not possible!

Today, it is raining so I have to stay inside and do indoor stuff....hence my first post in weeks. I've taken a few shots and will take many more in days to come.
My front porch with the ferns, coleus and geraniums and sedums and dwarf alberta spruces, fresh mulch, new rocks. Time to pressure wash the ole' sidewalk, I see.

I love the way the sweetspires cascade over the sidewalk. These long white blooming tassels attract all manner of butterflies, especially the Red-Spotted Purple swallowtails which I've not seen yet but watch for them with great anticipation.

This is one of two baby Rainbow Knock-Out Roses. They bloomed on the second day after planting and have bloomed every day since! These will be exquisite when they're fully grown. This particular rose will only get up to 4' high and wide, is completely resistant to black spot, mildew and rust. How perfect is that?

My guilty pleasure - sedums. I blew too much money early this spring on sedums simply because I love them. The kind of cabbagy looking plant in the tall blue pot is called "Hobbit's Foot," which is all I had to read - that was going in my yard in some capacity. The green pot upper left is a Silky Dogwood received for free from TVA upon attending a seminar on riparian zones. That will go on my bank along with the native azaleas. Most of the rocks I'm still in the process of placing came from a bank next to Wheeler Dam and are filled with all manner of fossils.

These are Virginia Sweetspire "Henry's Garnet." They are indigenous, sporting chartreuse leaves and white tassel blooms in spring. The word "garnet" comes into play during the winter, as the leaves shed to expose these amazing reddish-purple/burgundy stems. They turn 5 years old this year, and this is the prettiest they've ever been. They are literally stopping traffic. If I'm outside people ask what they are. Why they're not planted more I'm not sure. They do tend to colonize, so I'm constantly uprooting new shoots, but they root easily and I sell them in the Master Gardener annual plant sale. And give to friends! They're great on our banks.

Just so you all know that I'm still alive. In fact, I'm more alive than ever and outside playing in the dirt! (excuse me..."soil," for all you master gardeners out there - LOL!)


Naturegirl said...

How wonderful everything looks! I too have a passion for sedums..they need so little care..just a whole lot of loving! Your front looks very inviting! I enjoyed my visit! I too am out in the garden cleaning up since we've arrived home from the southwest!Thank you for your comment on my "Self expression" post.

Anonymous said...

Playing in the dirt is fun, isn't it?

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great photos! Your garden looks fabulous!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Love the sign. :) Everything looks lush and beautiful -- your front entrance is so welcoming!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Debi I also like the way the Sweetspire dangles over the front sidewalk. It is very inviting to humans as well as butterflies. It is good to hear that you are having a wonderful spring.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I'm just catching up at 2 or 3 blogs and look at all that lush growth! As I mentioned to Nancy, here where we're north of 55 the trees are just now unfurling their tender leaves and yesterday we witnessed the first dandelion (today is May 20th). I can't blame you one bit for spending all that time in your yard and garden! That's far better than being in front of a computer screen. Bravo (excited hand clapping)

Anonymous said...

Your yard is looking so pretty. I do love that Sweetspire.


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