Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been inspired by Jodi and others to add colorful pots and various and sundry things to my garden. I spied these at a not-so-local nursery an hour away and fell in love with them. I did not buy them due to their cost, but loved the idea of them.
Color is so important, but I find myself oddly at a loss when planning and planting for color. It seems to be a deep-seeded fear of "letting go," of "letting things take their course," or giving up control. What is it? Does anyone else have this phobia? My gardening direction seems to be in giving back to nature, putting in native plants but few cultivars. Zero or very little cute garden items, or colors in pots or blooms, seem to bloom in my beds. What does this mean? Am I dense, or frightened, or caught up in some old drama I cannot exorcise?
More importantly, what is the cure? I'm not one to wax on about these things, but the more I read other's blogs and see other's "throwing caution into the winds" in order to create a profusion of colorful chaos all I think about seems to be "LOVELY, but in ____ months there'll be h*ll to pay!"
Laziness, or phobia? Hm. Pondering.....................


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great pottery pic! Love the composition and shading!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Now don't be over anaylizing yourself Debi. Just relax and enjoy your garden. I am sure it is beautiful as it is. It is simply your style. You don't have to do anything that makes you feel uneasy.

Anonymous said...

Debi, I think this kind of introspection is "a good thing" (to use Martha's term). I'm a bit of both. I love colour, whether it's pots, flowers, or other garden structure. Yet, I definitely am so solidly tied to Mother Nature that I tend to prefer the heritage seeds/plants and all other native plants and trees. I won't say I don't adore or even envy some of the contemporary hybrids but oh how I embrace the native and heritage flora. Lovely photo, btw.

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Threadspider said...

I just love pots-I use them in my little garden to make more Garden! You could start with a couple close to the house, full of geraniums or fuchsias or a climbing Black eyed Susie -warm colours for summer near to where you sit perhaps. I use mine a bit like sentence punctuation-to make more meaning of the garden by emphasing seasonal colours , so I change them season by season too.


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