Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giving Thanks

The family, except mom who's taking the photo

This week I celebrate the love of family and the miracle of continuance. You may recall that Elgin recently left us to be with Bill, which in my mind is yet another reason to celebrate. The family came from all over to attend Elgin's memorial service. The service began on a somber note, but as we all got up to talk about her and share stories we laughed through our tears at the funny tales throughout their lifetime of love.
One of the funniest stories was of Elgin right after Bill's passing. She was in the hospital and I had to stay with her for 2 days because she wouldn't stay in the bed and I didn't have the heart to have her restrained. So, I sat and we talked for two days. On day 2 at our weariest, Elgin began to talk about Bill as though he'd just left the room. "He's gone down the hall to play poker with the boys," she said. "Well, I'm sure he'll be home on time," I responded. She began to share with me her opinions about these particular men, which grew less flattering as the hour went on. She became more and more distressed, wanting Bill home - I was wondering how to handle it. Suddenly, she gave me this conspiratorial look and motioned for me to come closer. I did. She whispered to me that she's suspicious of Bill's actions. "....what?" "I'm suspicious of those other men," she confided. ".....why?" "I think they're taking Bill out and smoking marijuana!" she blurted.

You have to know Elgin to understand why that's so funny. She was the consummate lady who never had a harsh word to say, never raised her voice, always wore matching clothes, and had her hair and nails done in classic fashion. She was A Lady. Both she and Bill were the epitome of "gentile." Bill had a stroke before his passing and I believe that was the only way she could process his odd behavior at that time. Her mind tended to blur the past together as one big movie, but occasionally her mind was crystal clear. Amazing.
As I processed the photos and burned CDs for all who attended I became quite touched by each face, remembering their words and laughter and tears. Remembering old times and anticipating times ahead already noted on the calendar. I've been blessed, and I give thanks for each and every one of them. This humble Thanksgiving novella is dedicated to them.

Jessica and Kayla

Baylee, Monica & Jeff

Sister & Bro-in-law Linda and Mort and their daughter, Elizabeth

The sibs - Laurie, David, Jeff and Elizabeth

My husband, Bob and me

Sam & Ben

Jim & Laurie, plus little Evie (Sam & Ben's folks)

My sweet mother and Jessica

Mom and me

There are a few family members who could not come to the memorial services. Their presence was greatly missed and I give thanks for them and their love: Lance and Shannon, Glenn & Robin & Madison, Kym & Steve & Kids, and the spouses who kept the home fires burning - Joel & little Owen, Crystal & the kids. These are the main family but others revolve around like bright satellites. I repeat - I am blessed.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are mightly blessed. Beautiful family.

wcgillian said...

Yep, you are blessed alright! Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, heart-warming post, Debi. You have been blessed with a wonderful family. Everyone looks very happy and that's what Thanksgiving is all about -- the love of those around us and the sweet memories of those who have moved on in their journey. Many blessings to you and yours this holiday.

inadvertentfamer said...

Nothing is as great a blessing as family...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this =) Happy Thanksgiving.

<3 Lauren

Brett said...

I've tagged you over at my blog, just a bit of fun and not as easy as it looks

A Portrait Of War said...

Well, Id have to say. I love the picture of jess and i. mimi cracks me up with not looking at the camera. :]


inadvertentfarmer said...

What a wonderful post. Family is indeed the greatest reason for us to give thanks. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday! Kim

Thanks For 2 Day said...

It sounds (and looks) like your Thanksgiving was lovely. I will visit when time allows, as I enjoy your blog:) Take care!! Jan

Anonymous said...

what a warm, open, and loving family including you, of course. I hope Bob is managing well emotionally though it appears that is well under control. Lovely post.



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