Monday, November 10, 2008

Virginia Sweetspire in Autumn's blush

Autumn brings such joy. Yes, the trees and shrubs are going to sleep for the winter, but while they slumber above their roots are stretching and growing beneath the surface, ensuring a surge of physical growth next year. This transition is necessary for most plants though there are some who do not require it depending upon the variety and zone. I'm not talking about annuals, of course and this isn't really about Botany anyway. For most plants downtime is necessary for future growth.

This truism translates well into the human existence. Quiet, reflective time is necessary for our bodies and souls. An artist cannot create their art without allowing time to stop and soak up Life experiences. A writer cannot write without observing and experiencing the ebb and flow of our world. To do these things one must make time to sit and look or read, smell, hear and taste. A song writer and musician eventually must face that blank page, which may come after months or years of touring. That is the time one creates, and is the time most fear, but it indeed comes at a time of stillness. This is probably why Sting won't stop touring as he's admitted a fear of that blank page, but I digress. Time of reflection, observation, meditation, reading, listening, tasting, hearing and really seeing is mandatory for our inner expansion and awareness.

It is in those quiet moments that our ideas and thoughts begin to stretch and grow beneath the surface so when the spring of our creativity comes these ideas are ready to burst forth into the world much like the flowers we so adore.


Gail said...

A lovely post and the music fit it well! gail

Anonymous said...

Well, more true words were never spoken. Fear of the tabla rasa strikes all creative souls no matter what their medium of expressing the creative self.

Let's hope our Stingman finds that stillness soon so we may all enjoy the fruits of his labour.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

I really like the photo that went with your post, Debi. The last leaf on the right looks like a multi-colored flame. I love the colors that are shining forth from that leaf!

Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken, Debi. And I often find myself longing for those quiet, introspective moments. They are as crucial to our well being as food and water.

Anonymous said...

In addition to what you've written, I particularly like your Virginia Sweetspire.


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