Thursday, December 11, 2008

February 28, 2008

Back when the Subaru was running well and could be trusted to take me there and back again without incident, I found this dirt road leading to a pond. I'd seen an egret, so my thought was to sneak up on the creature and capture him (or her) for posterity. The egret wasn't having it and flew away upon my noisy arrival. However, this gaggle of Canada Geese had been, oh...I dunno...sunbathing? They popped up their heads, which waved about atop their long necks like snakes. It was such a funny moment. I barely got this shot through the windshield before they began rising and waddling toward the water. It was a simple pleasure that made me laugh all by myself.


Gail said...

A great capture, too! Someone in a nearby neighborhood has Canada Geese as garden decoration each Christmas...the wooden geese are beribboned and look wonderful...but not as good as yours! Gail

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were playing "Duck, Duck, Goose!" ;) What a great shot!

inadvertentfarmer said... those guys! Great shot, I wish my through the window shots had turned out as well. Kim

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Anymore it seems there is a gaggle of geese for each pond. They can be very entertaining.

Michaela said...

Yeah! Representing Canada! Woot! Canadian Geese are pure evil and ginormous.


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