Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I’m disturbed and pensive. Diane at Alberta Photography threw a question at us the other day which drew me up short. “Have you found your passions have shifted?”

I’m pensive because this year has found me seeking a new direction for myself in earnest. I’m disturbed because life continues on irregardless of my search and I’m not as far along in my quest as desired. Because I’d internalized Diane’s question my walk this morning was different. Birds and beasts went unnoticed as my head pointed down and my eyes were fixed on the pavement, mulling it all over.

Yes, and no, is the answer. Yes, my personal artistic and career passions have shifted. However, I have not had time to explore new personal pathways because there remains in the home a teenager, a daughter, my forever passion.

So, I’m walking and thinking. I even feel differently inside. My usual route takes me east toward the marina down a long winding sidewalk with cottages on one side and the lake, lake homes and common area on the other. Trees are nearly bare now, but a few oak leaves remain fluttering in the unstoppable wind off of the water. Suddenly, within the sidewalk I see these impressions.

Tiny sprouts grew into mature leaves that died and fell onto this sidewalk leaving their mark for eternity. They’re scattered about like the leaves that made them, these brown silhouettes of leaves that once slept in that spot. They’re beautiful, like paintings from God.

These particular leaves moved on but the impression they left remains and has changed the very surface upon which they fell forever. Such is true for people and relationships.

I think about my teenager who remains and pray that the impressions she receives and has received from us, from family and friends, and from others in her life fill her with hope and confidence. The impressions she’s receiving help shape her character as she matures into herself. Until such time as this passion moves on to college and her adult life my personal search will come, but slowly. I must be patient.

These simple impressions of leaves long gone are a powerful reminder to me that everything we do as a human being leaves an impression, an imprint, with someone or something. Our actions and words influence and cause effect, have impact, create reaction, and have consequences, forever. Nature is our teacher if we only but pay attention. I’ll continue to search for my personal passions but in the meantime the teenager remains. Thanks, Diane.


Anonymous said...

Every time I see a new post of yours, I know there's a reason for it. I sure *needed* to read this today! :) Beautifully put, Debi. Perfect.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Lovely post, and wonderful imagery.

Bo said...

Lovely photos, wise words.
It's been 2 years since my last went to college, and the changes for me are immeasurable, but there is a time and a place for everyrthing. I loved it when my children wee home, I find I've stretched and grown into this life without them, too. It's good - these different spaces we inhabit. All part of the journey...

tina said...

This could pretty much describe me to a T as well. Still searching. The impressions are perfect to help us remember impressions. I too have a teenager and with the trying day I just spent with him TRYING to buy him clothes (he didn't want any-including a coat), I'll have to remember impressions-the ones from nature in this case!

Thanks For 2 Day said...

The photos of the impressions are amazing. How lovely! And the way you used them as a metaphor for your life, and the journey, and how each and everything we do or say touches someone, somewhere, is written beautifully. Jan

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Wow! Amazing photographs- and even better eye to be able to see the beauty at your feet.

wcgillian said...

What a great post Debi. The photos and your thoughts put me into another time and place. The photos make me think about what I will leave behind and will it be noticed by anyone or looked at as just a stain on a path.

Love it,

Robin's Nesting Place said...

This is a very insightful post and gives me much to think about on many levels.

My youngest is 16 and I often wonder how my life will be different when my children are no longer at home.

The leaf impressions are stunning and beautiful to me. So simple, most people would not even notice, yet to the observant and artistic eye they are a fabulous find. I'm so glad you noticed and shared them with us.

Deborah Carr said...

I so enjoyed this heartfelt post and its've echoed my own thoughts and reminded me of a eulogy I delivered for a dear friend this past January. At the time, I wrote about it on my blog.

As well, just this week, I wrote about how we are but one layer on a place and each of us leaves an indelible mark.

It's heartening, isn't it, to discover other souls who are feeling and exploring and discovering similar truths and revelations? I've added your blog to my list and will return often.


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