Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honey, I'm home!

I know what you're thinking. What IS that, and why on earth is that my photo today? Well, okay, I was in Arizona, true. However, besides my early morning walks I only got out of the house once or twice, and only then to gently stroll to a little park down the road with Linda where she insisted I'd see wildlife. Once, we saw swans sleeping far across the little lake but not close enough or interesting enough with which to bother, and any other reported wildlife was elsewhere. Therefore, we sat on a pier watching the water and I shot whatever floated by, which in this case is a beat up orange. Strangely, I like this photo. Maybe it's just the colors.

My sister-in-law is doing great and I thank each and every one of you for your nice comments and caring e-mails. Being with her through the initial stages of healing following her mastectomy meant a great deal to me and to her. As with such things she had some very low moments, but her optimistic nature has kicked in and she's just doing fantastic.

I arrived home just in time for the inauguration of our 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the Vice President, Joe Biden. Our joy was shared with a handful of good friends in our home, complete with champagne to toast the President and First Lady.
Today finds me filled with joy and optimism as our country begins its own healing. It's a Brand New Day.


Anonymous said...

HOoray you're home! So glad you were there for your sister-in-law.

I love the colours in your orange photo :)
Even though we're in Canada we've been keenly watching and joining in the hope that comes with Obama. It was so emotional yesterday. I even did a quiet little tribute in my blog yesterday.

Oh, and as if that's not enough ... :-D I have begun a whole new photo blog; still not sure whether I can keep both up but I'll have to see.
my new daily photoblog

Welcome back home!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Welcome back!

jodi said...

Welcome back, and I'm glad your friend is doing so well. And I'm with you on the orange, and on the celebratory poster too. It's a Brand New Day indeed. I know that no one man or woman is a miracle worker, and for sure these are tough times. But it's still nice to see some hope and a spirit of integrity. I hope it spreads to other governments, other countries.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home. Now its my turn to go out into the world. Stacey and I are heading down to California next week to visit family and to take wildlife photographs.

I thought that the orange was flying through the air at first.

Glad to hear that your family is well and has turned the corner.

Rachel said...

So glad you are home and all is well.

=0) Rachel

Blessing Counter said...

Hey! I didn't hear from you while you were out here...I kept hoping there would be a call. I understand..just know I was thinking of you and praying that all is well! Love, Carol

Jon said...

Like you I am filled with optimism about the new president and his administration. The past 8 years under Bush have been such a disappointment on so many levels and our country is in such a mess. It will take a series of miracles and a long time to recover.

Welcome back home and it is good to know your sister-in-law is doing great.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Anonymous said...

Glad to catch up with you again, Debi, and so happy your SIL is doing so well. Both my mother and MIL are long-term breast cancer survivors -- I know how long that road is. Best wishes and all good thoughts for her continued healing.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

What a lovely post you've written. I'm glad your s-i-l is on the mend; and it's wonderful for you to be back home, where you can contemplate your spring garden, a place you cherish;)

inadvertent farmer said...

We missed you...and that is just about the coolest picture!

wcgillian said...

I too thought that the orange was in the air and perhaps you were demonstrating your ability to shoot a hole in a citrus fruit with your 44. mag. Guess not! I will give the President credit; he has hit the floor running and good for him. I am not so optimistic about the stimulus package. I do think he will be well received by the rest of the world and that is a great start.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I love the photo! I can see why you like it!


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