Friday, June 12, 2009

Favorite Moments

Since I'm not doing much in the way of interesting travel, photography, writing, experiencing things but feel obligated to keep this blog going a bit longer, I'll entertain you all with some old photos. Actually, one of these has been posted before but it's my "lucky photo" so I thought today I'd post the trio.

These baby, almost teenager raccoons were playing in a tree right in front of our deck early, early one morning. We went outside to sip our coffee and spied them high in the tree playing. As we watched them they began watching us and were curious. I got the camera and began taking photos, which made them leery.

They slowly climbed down the opposite side of the tree from us, occasionally peeking out one side or the other, before dismounting the tree and scrambling down the riverbank. They were so cute! It was one of those spontaneous, magical moments that I've never forgotten. Raccoons aren't my favorite creatures, but these guys were just young ones, curious ones, cute ones...for that moment.


Eve said...

Well for that moment they sure are cuties!! I keep wondering if they are the ones who raid my birdfeeders each night. I've learned to only feed enough for the birds during the day and not much left for the critters. But they come every night to check...I know this because my hanging platform feeder is always tipsy!!
Beautiful photos of those cute scoundrels!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very cute! It is great that you could get your camera and capture them before they fled.

wcgillian said...

You have not lived until you have a baby racoon come out from under a trailer and crawl up your leg. It will scare you to death!

Diane Schuller said...

not my favourite creature either but, as you say, so curious and what an experience it must have been. I can see the curiosity, the leeriness, and their general intrigue. What great photos you got of them too.

Deborah Carr said...

Just visiting this older post and enchanted with your furry little visitors. Love the first peekaboo shot.

Anonymous said...

These truly are precious moments. I love being in the right place at the right time.


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