Monday, June 22, 2009


What struck me upon viewing Kayla's photos of the abandon house's inner sanctum is what was left behind. Perhaps it's my point of view as a woman but these tattered, stained, torn curtains speak to me on some deep level.

Women are generally the forces behind the touches that make a house a Home. Flowers in a vase. Candles. Pottery grouped with interesting pieces found in antique stores. Stained glass dragonflies hanging on a window. Potted plants on the porch welcoming guests. Family photos on a wall. Tiny arrangements in odd places simply to entertain and be beautiful. Shadowboxes filled with memories. Countless daily putterings by women that create beauty and interest and personality within a space that transform drywall, glass, wood into welcoming, comfortable spaces.

Some woman long ago chose these curtains with love. They hung for years lending shade from summer sun and heat, insulating somewhat the winter chills and winds and enclosed her family in a safe environment. They lent beauty to the small walls, the subtle turquoise decoration matched the blue walls of her living room. The linen top was simple and aesthetically pleasing. In my mind's eye and imagination the mother hung them anew then stepped back, pleased with what she saw. She invited her mother over to see the new curtains and a celebration ensued between two women that would never be understood by husbands or children.

This house is small, tiny. My dream is that this family moved into a larger place, better surroundings, with larger windows to see the world and new curtains to celebrate. But today, dear lady, I celebrate your curtains as only a woman can do.


Anonymous said...

Debi, this was WONDERFUL! You've captured something I miss so much about having my own home. :( But it's a beautiful piece of writing and really tugs at those most sacred of heart strings. You amaze me, always.

Eve said...

These are beautiful thoughts that ring perfectly in my mind Debi! What is it that makes a little thing, a simple item bring such joy? It's a treasure that is unique to one woman's idea of home. Sharing it with others brings value beyond price.
I love this post!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Beautiful comments, Debi. Great photos as well- Kayla has a creative "eye" for photography. Seeing old vacant houses like that does make you wonder about the souls that once stirred there.

Diane Schuller said...

Debi, you are so incredibly talented. Your writing is always so eloquent but, more importantly, you touch down deep into the important essence. This is another beautifully written vignette. Beautiful.

wcgillian said...

Thumbs up to the photog for seeing, feeling, and capturing the remains of someones past dreams. And may i say well written Debi.


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