Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My new Canon 20D arrived in November, 2005. I'd been using my husband's Sony Cybershot so much that he realized I needed my own camera. A 20D had been my dream so he made it my reality. After finally learning how to insert the flashcard without damaging anything (I was a little nervous) the first subject of my first 20D shoot were the blazing red Bradford Pear trees lining the entrance to our subdivision.

This shot was the very first image taken with my Canon 20D. This is Straight Out Of The Camera. No Photoshopping done here except to change the image to a more reasonable size for publishing.

These days find me at the computer more working toward an exciting future. One day I'll post about it but for now I'll be showing you various older works (haven't I done this before? LOL!) so that I can keep in touch.

So this was it - the first shot. The first shot of gazillions, but still one of my favorites.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I never tire of seeing pictures of autumn. I love this time of year!
I look forward to hearing what you're up too whenever you're ready to share. In the meantime I'll enjoy images from the file.

Gaelyn said...

An excellent shot. How nice to have the camera of your dreams. I fear my dreams are bigger than my pocket book. Keep following your dream!

Eve said...

wow Debi! I wonder if I could find my IMG_0001!!! Good luck...I just know you'll make it big!

The Garden Ms. S said...

What a wonderful beginning with the camera - a brilliant red kick-off!

I hope I can be so inspired with mine :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful first shot Debi. The colour is rich. You have a wonderful point of view.

I like your new look to your blog too.

wcgillian said...

2005 huh. About the time you were getting your new camera I was getting ready to go meet my future wife in Thailand.

Lythrum said...

Congratulations on the new camera and the beautiful shot. :)

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very nice! I think that I took a photo of my feet as my first shot with my Canon 350D- I don't think that I will be posting that on my blog anytime soon. :) I also love your new blog look! It is very clean and compliments your photos and prose nicely! I hope you and yours are all keeping well.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Wow! Great shot! And even better record keeping with being able to find your first image. I think that I deleted my first image from my trusty Canon 350D. But I still have one of my first images- even though it isn't as picturesque- it was a photo of my feet. I don't think that I will post it! :) I hope all continues well for you and yours!


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