Saturday, October 3, 2009

Outting with Mom

Mom and I enjoyed a recent trek to the Huntsville Museum of Art. Located beside lovely Big Spring Park the museum is quite a treat both inside and outside. Gorgeous setting, easy parking, not too big, not too small - it's just right. Our mission was to see the Women's Art exhibit, but there were other exhibits to see as well. Upon opening the door the first exhibit we see is the Elegant Vessel display. Oh, wow...these pieces really called to me. This first piece had us gasping, appropriately so!, in amazement.

"Bodacious Gasp Johnson"
Stephen Rolfe Powell

I always photograph the information plate so that I can read about the artist and their work later, and can Google them to learn more about their art. This piece, above, was created using a technique of "fusing small, colored pieces of glass known as "murrini" into dramatically scaled multicolored vessels." Mr. Powell loves to title his pieces provocatively, with names like that above and "Pushy Violet Throb" and "Undulating Groan Jones." I would love to see those pieces in person as well. Out of all that I saw this day, this piece was my absolute favorite. ** Note: Just perused his website and Mr. Powell was born in Birmingham, ALABAMA! You can link to his website above.

Mom standing in front of the Elegant Vessel entrance. The enclose piece to her right is an exquisitely cut celery vase in a pale blue crystal. Stunning.

This red vessel caught my eye as well. Elegant in its simplicity, the reflection on the stand reminded me of Saturn and its rings. I forgot completely to capture the information plaque so I cannot tell you who did this piece. If I find out I'll come back and post it here.

Reluctantly leaving the Elegant Vessel display we arrived at the exhibit we came to see: Another Point of View: Art by American Women. These pieces were highlights from The Sellars Collection. This is the painting that greeted our arrival - an oil on canvas painted in 1887 by Anna Elizabeth Klumpke titled "Catinou Knitting." I'm crazy about oils - the richness and texture, and how it catches the light.

There were 3-4 or more rooms of paintings, bronzes and sculptures. This was one of my favorites simply titled "Oranges" by Julia Hart Beers - an oil on board painted in 1888 in New Orleans. The colors were so deep and rich, and there was a luminescence to the painting due to the board upon which it was painted. Exquisite.

"Grand Canyon"
Bertha Menzler-Peyton

"Arizona Desert"
Jessie Benton Evans

These two Arizona paintings were after my heart! I love the deserts and mountains and canyons of Arizona, and the light that surrounds them, bathes them, loves them. I thought of my new blogging buddy Gaelyn, at Geogypsy who is a park ranger at the Grand Canyon, and knew she would enjoy these paintings. Still, there's nothing like the real thing, eh?

All walked out, mom and I decided to lunch at the museum's cafe, "Pane e Vino." Gourmet pizza (we had the Monet, which was arugula, prosciutto and roasted tomatoes on oven-baked crust). Their motto is "In Crust, We Trust." Trust me - this was divine. We even had a little Pinot Grigio to celebrate out outing.

There is an outdoor area overlooking Big Spring Park, but the north winds were fierce and only the brave - and those too late to get an indoor table - could take. Hubby and I are going Sunday night with friends for dinner. The museum outing was such fun! I love seeing new things and being around the creative passions of true artists. It's inspiring and opens up my mind to new ways of doing and thinking. Museums refresh my soul every bit as much as the museum of nature. Isn't Life grand?!


Lythrum said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself, I've been wanting to go to the art museum since we moved here but haven't gotten around to it yet. I *love* that bottle, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Some very beautiful work indeed. The glass is fabulous and the paintings delicate. Looks like a wonderful place to expose one's self to new and old treasures.

The Garden Ms. S said...

What a fabulous outing. I love that vessel as well. Thank goodness we have artists. :)

Eve said...

I've really got to get out more Debi!! This looks like a fun time you and your mom had! Enjoy your fun times. And that lunch looks great!

Gaelyn said...

Wonderful. I haven't been to an art museum in forever. Love the glass work. Nice that you could enjoy the canyon through art as well. May be the next best thing to being here.

Kerri said...

There are certainly some wonderful works of art on display at that museum. The bottle is truly amazing!
How nice to have a day out with your mom.
I loved reading about the cute laid back squirrel, the RH Woody family, and your trips to the lake house. What a fabulous place that must be...a perfect place to escape and enjoy simple peace and quiet.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like my kind of outing Debi. That first piece of glass is luscious! Another wonderful memory made of time with your mum. Well done!

Bird Girl said...

Oh what fun I had looking at each of these pictures large - felt like I got to see the exhibits in person! And what a neat thing to do with your Mom and then ...that pizza looked sooo good!


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