Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As a child, riding in the back seat meant watching the world go by. For me it was a time of great imaginings. Astride my palomino we galloped alongside the roadway up hills and down valleys, jumped over fences and waded through creeks. With each new vista a new storyline was added to the forever-changing plot. By the time we reached our destination my horse and I had been in rodeos and won the prize, fought battles and came home weary, or simply had a nice gallop in the meadows.

To this day every roadside vista tells me a story. The Toyota is my palomino and there's no galloping to be had with it but we enjoy the occasional, safe, off-road adventure together.

The vista above provided a brief respite along a North Alabama Birding Trail. The single lane gravel trail became a causeway with a lovely little creek on either side. Opening the windows I turned off the car's engine to shoot photos through the driver's side window. In the quiet I slowly began hearing a multitude of tiny birds in the brush and some creatures splashing quietly in the distance. They would not show themselves to me so I imagined tiny brown birds clinging precariously onto swaying reeds, chattering to each other nervously waiting for me to leave. Surely the splashing sounds were little fishes scuttling back and forth through the grasses, splashing through the shallows, avoiding the birds. Small insects were buzzing and singing out of sight. It was a world I could hear vividly but not see with my eyes. However, in my mind's eye it was there and it was beautiful.


Di said...

Charming words and I hope you don't mind but you had me right there with you. You painted a lovely picture. Diana

Bo Mackison said...

Peaceful, nice place to sit awhile, just taking a quiet think!

Eve said...

What is it about stories of childhood memories that spur on your own! This was a wonderful read Debi and I was picturing you on your palomino at the rodeo! Which brought me to my own daydreams in the back seat, driving to florida dreaming of race cars!!
But in the end we are at the same place, in a peaceful field, listening to birds and critters chirp. Just as good as any place I can think of!!
Thanks good friend!

The Garden Ms. S said...

What a beautiful scene you painted. Keep that freedom to ride with eyes of wonder with you always.

Anonymous said...

Imagination is key to all evolving and ongoing experience. Your visualizations are perfect and will attract more of the same experiences, with you immersed in and loving Nature. One can also then imagine what it feels like to have the birds be your friends and for wildlife to swim next to you. We can take that feeling and that visualization and broadcast it continuously into the world, and those aspects of nature that reflect you will meet you in the middle to make your dreams come true. Embrace what you create within and you will see it without or in the outer world.

May your expanding dreams always come true.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a vivid picture you painted with you memories. I love to hear things and dream about what they really are. I enjoyed my ride with you to the bird trail.
Your pictures and stories are great. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I was so surprised to have even placed. I am not really a very good photographer, that shot was just a natural.
I will be checking back more often, enjoyed your blog.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day. Your writing takes me away....

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I love those little roadside flooded areas!

Deborah Carr said...

I pulled to the side of the road one day to watch six blue herons in a creek. Their beautiful, fluid, perfect movements, as they methodically fished the creek, brought tears to my eyes.

I'm such a sap.

I love being a sap.

kendalee said...

What a lovely interlude! I think it's great when one's imagination can work to enrich reality.


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