Monday, February 1, 2010


"There is a privacy about it
which no other season gives you.
In spring, summer and fall people sort of
have an open season on each other;
only in the winter,
in the country,
can you have longer, quiet stretches
when you can savor belonging to yourself."

-Ruth Stout



Eve said...

Of all the thoughts about the seasons, there is not one more true than this Debi. Winter has a way of bringing a peaceful solitude, the most silent crisp sound you've never heard. If you want to feel the true meaning take a trip to the snow belt (where I lived for many years) in late January and take a walk in 4 feet of snow early in the morning. What an experience. Beautiful photo to go with this quote.

Bo Mackison said...

Winter does have the benefit of great swells of silence. Though last night the coyotes were howling so loud we could hear them in our closed-up house! Howling at the near full moon, ya think?

The Garden Ms. S said...

Perfect! I love the hushed solitude of winter. My only willing excursions into the fray are for soul-fortifying adventures related to art, beautiful music, nature or love. Other than that, I enjoy the quiet.

Your photo is exquisite :)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love the picture of the rose hips and the copyright in the picture is very nice too. I think it is the prettiest I've seen! Did you design that?

I hibernate in winter as much as possible, so there is plenty of solitude for me. I always look forward to spring when I can get out and walk and see my neighbors again.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Debi, you have this knack for coming up with thoughtful quotes like this and turning preconceived notions on their heads. Nicely done. And it's so very true, although tonight winter isn't hushed but screaming around the edges of the house with a frigid galeforce wind. Ah well. It builds strong character, right.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks everyone! I love winter. However this one has been so unusual I'm about ready for spring! Eve - you musta brought some'a that snow down with ya, gal!

Robin - A good friend of mine designed the logo for me. Cathy of Hippie Chick Designs. She rocks!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Oh.....I failed to mention my agreement about coyotes howling and winds screaming. Yes. Character Building. Definitely!

Gaelyn said...

Winter is definately my season of seclusion.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos with the crystals ripening the rose hip so it can become all the more flavourful. Winter does help us all slow down to feel that which needs our attention.

Deborah Carr said...

Absolutely. We need this season of respite and reflection.


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