Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chandler Gardens

My mother belongs to a philanthropic women's club that helps women in need get an education. They do wonderful work. It's a very small, closed sisterhood group and my mom enjoys it very much. She has made some delightful, forever friends in this club. One of her friends is opening her home as a B&B to other members and their families. There is, I learned, a network of membership B&B's across the country that are not open to the public but truly designed to help out their own sisterhood. How wonderful!

My mother's friend commissioned me to take photos of her gardens. Recently, on a hot, muggy morning I met her for a tour. These are test shots.

Her garden is very formal, but one can find all manner of cuteness nestled in corners, hunkering below globes of flowers, and sticking up amid tall greenery.

I fell in love with her pottery and terra cotta pieces, her ironwork and seating.

Flagstone steps and pebbled paths lead the visitor to places of respite. The only problem is that sometimes the chipmunks get there first and unearth the hostas or various plants.

Her sense of color and placement was a delight! There was something new at every turn, and even the second and third time through I was finding new plants and cuteness!

Although designed as a formal garden, she has planted many "unformal" plants such as lambs ears, daisies and coneflower. These Annabelle Hydrangeas were show-stoppers, and she said when the blossoms were bright white this scene was hypnotic.

Ferns and stone fences and pots of herbs cascaded down a gentle slope. Birdbaths and stone cats, pottery birds and rabbits enhanced what is already an amazing garden. There is, of course, a garden cat. What B&B would be without one? Next time...the garden cat and more shots of this gentle, hidden garden.


Gaelyn said...

Such a beautiful garden. I like the idea of a B&B for those special people in life.

Bo Mackison said...

Oooo ahhh! My kind of gardens where you can twist and turn, with visual delights in hidden spots and cozy spaces. So lovely.

Eve said...

oh lucky you to be sent to do some work there...I think you picked a good profession Debi! It suits you well!!!
Lovely place...lovely photos...waiting for more!

inadvertent farmer said...

Ohhhh I love formal gardens...seriously they rock! I so with that my farm could support something as lovely. But alas with so many kids and animals it is never gonna happen.

I will live through garden tours shared by blog friends...thanks for the little transport to a beautiful garden! Kim


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