Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Photo

Great Blue Herons capture radiant heat in the bay
January 25, 2007

Once upon a time one of my jobs was to drive the offspring to school and back. The trip was 25 minutes each way. The morning ride was into the sun, blinding during the autumn-to-winter mornings when the sun changed its angle and blasted into our faces. Chilled to the bone, steam rising from the coffee in my travel mug, heater going full blast and defroster not doing a good job, we would join the fray of car riders going into town from the country.

The way back was magical for the sun was at my back, sharply angled casting deep shadows and layering fields and trees and waters in gold. This was a January morning. The air was snapping and cracking, temps were in the 20's and the winds weren't kind. Crossing the bay I see herons standing together in a nook, clearly outlined against the trees. The first day I noticed them I counted a dozen herons. The following day nearly 20 herons, but this time the camera was with me on the way home. Most were scattered throughout the bay in small groupings, but this little grouping of 10 seemed to have the best spot.

Great Blue Herons gathering in Turtle Bay, enjoying the radiant heat of a frigid January sunrise. One of Life's special moments!


Gaelyn said...

Nice that life has these special moments. Love the new header!

Blessing Counter said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your wisdom...I started to just email you directly! :) Love you!!

Eve said...

you conjure up some nice thoughts of chilly air on a very hot day Debi...but I'm not looking forward to winter no matter what you say!!
Miss you!!!


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