Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seeded Earth Studios

American White Pelican
Wheeler Dam - Tennessee River

I am such a dolt. Bo Mackison of the delightful Seeded Earth Studio invited various photographers to submit a guest post on her blog. Her subject: "Why Photography?" There were no rules exactly, but each guest was to expound on why photography is their passion, their art medium or career. The only criteria for the post was how we felt photography has added value to our lives.

Atkeson Cypress Trail
Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

I threw my hat into the ring, desperate in my need to practice the creative. It isn't that I'm exactly drowning in the sea of my husband's 24/7 care giving after his accident. However, there simply hasn't been any time or energy for road trips and photography. I'm sure you've noticed, but fortunately you're all kind and visit here anyway from time to time which reassures that perhaps I've not grown boring.

But I digress. Bo initially had me down as first to post, but graciously allowed me to go last when I just didn't have the time to devote to the task initially. My finally submitted missive was merely passable prose, but personally it was a breakthrough simply because it jump started my brain . However, in my zeal and delight at being chosen for this honor I completely forgot to tell you all and provide a link to my host's site! Unforgivable! I'm such a dolt! In the wise word of Bart Simpson..."DOH!"

How do you choose to visit a blog? Titles reeled me in. Anything earthy warranted an immediate read. Seeded Earth was one of those, and Bo's amazing photography and stories kept me there. Befriending this wonderful, fascinating, multi-talented woman has been a bonus to me. In addition to all of that she lives in Wisconsin, which I adore. Bo is a contributor to a blog called The Calming Space, a lovely blog to visit, find solace through like minds, soak up the beauty, wise words and beautiful photography. There, Bo contributes articles for her Memoir Space.

Therefore, you are formally invited to visit Bo Mackinson's wonderful Seeded Earth Studio blog by clicking on the link. My post is dated October 8th, and I strongly encourage you to scroll down to read all the other photographer's posts and link to their websites. There are some tremendously talented people in our world.

Thank you, Bo, for the wonderful opportunity. Have a great trip, dear, and be safe.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

I can't wait to check out Bo's blog. The white pelican shot is amazing! Great panning! The detail is exquisite.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

blog with no name said...

First off, your not an idiot... Second, it's no wonder that with a plate as full as yours, you might let something slip on occasion...
Third :), great photos! I love the reflection of the trees... Hang in there kid!

Eve said...

Loved what you wrote Debi. Thanks for sharing this one!

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I loved what you wrote! But I only come here for the music, you know. ;-) Not. Kidding! You are, indeed, a kindred spirit, Miz Debi. ♥

Diana (Di) said...

Debi, two TERRIFIC photos!!! and the piece is very well written! It's all about living isn't it... the real life?

p.s. Thank you for introducing us to Bo's site. Have a good one lady.

bunnits said...

Great photos! I love the pelican and the cypress trees remind me of an Eliot Porter.

Judy said...

I love the second shot - I take a lot of photos looking straight up into the trees, but I have never seen one like this, the reflection of the treetops in the water around their bases!

Karen Wallace said...


What beautiful photography! This is my first visit to your site, and I will definitely be back.

Thank you for your kind words about The Calm Space. We treasure Bo's Memoir Space there, and welcome you with open arms!

Carol said...

Wow! Your photography is incredibly beautiful! I look forward to visiting Bo's site . . . if I can ever get off of yours. Sorry to read about your husband. I did try emailing you but it came back so I am inserting it here. Hope that is OK.

Hi Bayhill,

I wanted to thank you so much for your visit and all the kind comments. Especially thankful for the support in my painting! Thank You! I am so happy to have connected with you out here in the blogsphere. I am putting you on my bloglist maybe you are already so as not to miss any posts. I will have to go back too and explore your world a bit more. Have a lovely Sunday afternoon.
Warm Regards,


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