Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watery Wednesday

October 26, 2004
Sunrise over Wheeler Lake

One of the things I miss most about living on the water is the sky. Waking to the sunrise was easy because it came right into the window onto my face, bathing me in golden light that gently caressed. Usually, I was up well before the sun, sitting out on the deck, coffee and camera at hand, waiting, listening, soaking in the peace. Sunsets had to be enjoyed differently for a house blocked our western view. Instead, we relished watching the reflecting colors shift and swirl in the lake and the golden light dance upon the trees to the east. We called it the "Golden Tree Hour," for they lit up like candles. Because we faced the south we were positioned perfectly for storms driving up the channel or coming from the southwest. Rolling clouds and mist and whitecaps and winds that rocked the trees. We would stand outside until the first large drops pelted our faces before running into the house, laughing at our silliness.

The sky. Vast palette of color with rainbows and white cotton balls, peachy ropes that twist in the dying light, black silver-rimmed mammoth beings towering with lightning, gray udders stretching from here to there, cobalt with great white exclamation points, the sky never ceases to astonish. See some old posts here with photos of some amazing clouds that rolled across our skies.

Yesterday, we were all rocking and rolling due to thunderstorms and tornado warnings from one-ish until well past nightfall. I'm not sure what damage was done elsewhere in the area but for me and mine we are all safe. This is kind of an unusual entry for Watery Wednesday, but my brain sometimes goes off in a direction unbidden ... and I just let it. Enjoy!


Diana (Di) said...

Well, I for one am pleased your brain went where it did. ;) Beautiful photo, but magic was created in images from your words! and I LUV your "Golden Tree Hour".

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I so enjoyed your post today. Your words transported me and the photo is lovely. We face the east too and I love the sunrises over the high plains of Colorado. Thanks for transporting me to your watery world.

And I'm so happy you are safe and sound from the storms!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Gaelyn said...

I love your reflecting on the lake. Your words emote the feelings you have for this special place and time of day. I know you miss it. Yet there will be many other beautiful places to capture your imagination in the future. Stay strong and hang on to your dreams.

Bo Mackison said...

Lovely memories, Debi. What a place to view the sunrise. Isn;t it amazing, really, that we all see the same gorgeous sun, the same amazing moon and stars. Wishing upon a star, and the moon, and the sun...take your cares away.

Thanks so much for visiting Seeded Earth. Your comments always cheer me.

mARTy said...

what a lovely picture, so calm and such great colors!

Eve said...

Your words of running in from the pelting rain sent me back in time Debi! There's nothing better than word that bring up vivid memories and smiles! Thanks sweetie!!
Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

WoW! how pretty!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

What a blissfully gorgeous photo, Debi. We haven't seen the sun in several days so I'm really in the mood for such photography.

bunnits said...

A gorgeous photo.

I loved your description of scenes past. It must have been beautiful to live there.

joey said...

Water living is awesome as you have so beautifully shown. Ah, the gift of a day!

Carol said...

Debi, What a beautiful post . . . your photograph is incredible and words too in painting a longing and time when you were on the water. I have to go to the link to see the other cloud photos. I wish I could pass my box of kleenex over to you! Thanks so for your touching comment too. ;>)

Jenny said...

I'm glad your brain wandered the way it did Debs! (-:


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