Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Brown Thrasher

I hereby announce an end to the pity party. Put away the party hats, take down the banner, throw the streamers into the trash. It's over. I'm very appreciative of everyone's kind comments, your encouragement and positivity. I've missed being here, frankly, and my absence is showing. What a dowdy, drab place it has become. Old music, stale graphics, doom and gloom. Ick and ach! A pox on doom and gloom! As of today I shall once more begin counting my blessings, which are in abundance. Let's start with some creatures from our yard and have a parade.

The brown thrasher, above, is easy to hear scrambling through the leaves and brush of our house, but has been hard to spot. Until this day, when he poked his head out and stood for his portrait. Isn't he gorgeous?

Cedar Waxwing

The other day I was playing frisbee with Baylee in the backyard and I hear this trilling high overhead. There's no song quite as distinctive as a Cedar Waxwing's, to me anyway. There were about 20 or so high in the trees snacking on some berries.

Cedar Waxwing

These are some of my favorite birds, the cedar waxwings. Their coloration and markings are strikingly beautiful, and their trilling song warms my heart.

Is this a white crowned sparrow? My bird book is still packed. There were about 5-6 of them one afternoon snuffling in the leaves, getting worms and seeds.


The State Bird of Alabama, climbing up a tree in the backyard.

He jumps down to the ground, grabbing hickory nuts and other snacks.

What a handsome, gorgeous fella.

This summer two black swallowtails of some sort were making babies,
fluttering around like this for quite some time.

Rufus Sided Towhee, I believe.


Love the bumblers....

Skipper of some sort, all these on the blooming autumn sedum this fall.


I'm crazy about sycamores. They're messy, I know, but they are beautiful.

So, I'm back and I'm once again embracing Life and Adventure and Starting Over and New Beginnings and all that good stuff. Now that I have some pretty photos up (some which require help with identification) it's time to spruce up this blog and decorate for the holidays. Season's Greetings, ya'll!


Carol said...

Oh, What a beautiful post! You do have many blessings Debi! However you also deserve to be sad about losing something so dear to your heart. To take time to grieve is very healthy I think. I do not think your blog dull and I love the music. I always look up too, when hearing that high pitched whistle of the Cedar Waxwings. One of my very favorite birds. I think that is a WTS too. They usually have a bit of yellow on them. You can always google. I love the Rufus Sided Towhee too. You have so many beautiful photos of birds and butterflies! Sycamores! Ah!!! Wonderful trees. I will have to share one with you soon. Thinking of you!

Naquillity said...

so good to see you back and posting such beautiful photos. your state bird is gorgeous. happy holidays to you too. have a great day.

Bo Mackison said...

Good for you! Glad to see you back. I love sycamores too, messy things that they are, they are SO interesting in so many ways.

Gaelyn said...

You are back in a Burst of berry color. So Glad! I haven't seen Cedar Waxwings since WA and they would get drunk on the end of season apples. I can hear them trill. Looks like our white-crowned sparrows and towhee. Never seen a Yellowhammer, gorgeous with the spotting, black bib and fancy red. I've seen sycamores by Montezuma's Castle and really like the patchy bark pattern. Great post. Happy Holidays!!! ;)

Randy Emmitt said...

I did not notice all the gloom, though I have been following for a short while.

Your elfin is actually a Red-banded Hairstreak, elfins have one spring brood, the Red-banded Hairstreak is common from spring until fall in 3-4 broods. The skipper is a male Fiery Skipper.

Not 100% sure on the sparrow it might be a White-throated Sparrow some do display a white crown.

Eve said...

I'm very happy you've announced the war on doom and gloom! Yeah!!!
Nothing like a parade to lift your spirits! Love all the birdies of course. That is a White-throated Sparrow Debi...note the white on the throat and the "distinct yellow lores" What in the heck is a lore!!! See you taught me something today I didn't know! Thanks Girl!!!
Gotta get through this snow and cold, then I'll announce a war on doom and gloom!! hahahaha

Rural Rambler said...

Nice to see ya Debi! I been working on my own little pity party, having trouble being cheery about Christmas Present cause I'm missing Christmas past as Karen at Through the Barn Door said. I am going to take a cue from you and count my dang blessing cause God knows I have some good ones. I been thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

You were hibernating in a cocoon and you are now emerging into a totally new space.

Anonymous said...


It was so lovely to have you visit my blog, thank you! I love the abundance that you share here. I just LOVE sitting next to our woodstove and watching out the window, seeing so many different kinds of birds coming and going from the feeder.

Cedar waxwings are SO beautiful! I love getting a glimpse of them as they move through the bushes.

I am remembering how to look at the abundance in my life too! Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

Caroline Gill said...

Greetings from snowy Wales! I love those bird pix.


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