Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's Truly Important

This holiday we count our blessings on all the fingers and toes we can find. We have been given an extraordinary gift. Bob came close to leaving us permanently on August 3rd, 3pm, but found spiritual blessings via a personalized epiphany that appeared nearly non-stop while under trauma care in SICU. I can't share details of something so personal but it has indeed been life changing for him, for us. That is Blessing Number 1.

The teenager is growing up. Now a first year college student she is spreading her wings, discovering herself, and learning how to be in Real Life. This ain't Reality TV, baby! She is maturing like a rocket, taking nearly a full load while working and living in an apartment. The blessing is just how well she is handling everything. Our daughter is growing up and pursuing her dreams - that's just the way it's supposed to be. Congratulations daughter - this is Blessing Number 2.

Okay, I just had to highlight our dog, Baylee. She was supposed to be a cat. "No More Dogs!" I said, stomping my foot, nose high, leaving the room. That eventually became "I'M not taking care of her - YOU'RE taking care of her!!!!" However, today? Who's dog is she? She's MY DOG and I'm NOT giving her back! She is the bestest, most wise, funniest, smartest, lovingst dog ever in the history of dogdom. Baylee is my touchstone. When I need a hug she is always there with her perfect doggie scent and warm licks to my face. Baylee is Blessing Number 3.

Marrying Bob opened my world to a family I consider one of my finest blessings. We all have shared many a Christmas together, and other holidays as well. We've celebrated in Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, and of course Alabama. Our family is scattered all around the United States, and some even live in England. Yes, there are celebrations going on over there, too, this year. These two photos, above, represent Blessings Number 4.

Blessing Number 5 has to be my mother. Known as Mur, Mimi, Mimi-Monet and Miss Betty - she goes by many monikers but she is always Mother to me. She has all my life been there for me in more ways than I can count. While we had a good relationship in the early day, today she has become my very best friend. Time spent with her these past few years have been a gift to us both. Now that she is married we see each other less often but our love for each other hasn't diminished. We will find a "new normal," as someone I love often says. This woman is my mentor, my personal angel, sent to me straight from God. Blessing Number 5.

There are of course other blessings in my life but for this post, today's purpose, these blessings are speaking to my heart. I am missing Bill and Elgin deeply this year but feel them here with us. Several visions of Elgin appeared at the hospital during Bob's darkest days. They are here, and I am so pleased to feel their presence.

Houses go away but people remain. This is a reminder to me, to my soul, of what is truly important. Merry Christmas my friends. Please remember to give lots of hugs this season. Oh, and special thanks to Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creations for the lovely textures.


Eve said...

This is such a beautiful post Debi. Your words are so moving. The very weird thing is what actually brought tears to my eyes was Baylee. That was the second time today I cried tears of joy from words witten by a person about their "best friend"!
Your photo work is incredible!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
See you after!
Love ya!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Lovely post. A tragedy (or near tragedy) really puts thing into perspective doesn't it. We suffered one (coincidentally) on Aug. 3, 2005. Enjoy your holiday with your beautiful family and many loved ones.

Gaelyn said...

You Are truly Blessed by all the wonderful people around you. Your words pour from the heart and soul.
Hope you enjoy these holidays to the fullest. Big Hugs.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Christmas is such a special time for counting our blessings. Many more to you in the new year! :)

Rural Rambler said...

Merry Christmas Debi! Merry Christams too, to all who are near and dear to your heart. A very lovely post. A beautiful read. Thank God your hubby is recovering well. Now, lets all drink a glass of wine this Christmas Eve and think of each other!

Blessing Counter said...

Beautiful. Sounds like life is good in Alabama and I am so thankful to hear the joy in your post. Hug Bobert, and tell him to continue healing! Hug Kayla-wayla and tell her the pincushion loves her so much and is just so proud of her!! And make them hug you right back. You know I love you!

bunnits said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your blessings. We should all take the time to do this.


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