Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My thanks to Cheryl Ann at Deep Canyon for giving me an award! It's a humbling experience, receiving an award from a fellow blogger. Cheryl Ann's blog brings me such pleasure. Immersing myself in the beautiful blue skies and landscape of the southwest feeds that part of my soul that loves deserts and huge, craggy mountains, cactus and that richly textured quilt of land that blankets the earth as far as the eye can see.

According to the rules I'm supposed to share seven things about me. Whew. Oky doky. Hate to bore you all but rules are rules...

1) I'm in the middle of a personal journey to reinvent myself. At my age it's a little intimidating and I've not chosen a direction. Lots of journaling, beginning meditation, starting Yoga, etc. The teenager left for college, the husband is healing and something inside me has changed so it's time. It's time for ME.

2) New music cannot come into my world fast enough. I'm not particularly nostalgic so by the time I've worn out a CD or a musician then it's time to move on. More, more, more, more, more....

3) My mother is my very best friend. I treasure each and every moment with her.

4) Horses are a passion, but I'm deeply afraid of them. They are the most beautiful animal, to me, on earth.

5) Ten years in ballet straightened my spine but I was never good enough for toe.

6) Besides music traveling is my drug. Road trips, day trips, getting lost and finding my way back home, anything fresh, new. Experiencing new foods, cultures, smells, sights - even just down the road.

7) The lake house has official sold. We close the 17th. The Giraffe Head Tree will no longer be mine. Should I rename my blog?

Hope I didn't bore you too badly!

More rules - now I'm supposed to share with 5 people but I'm going to break that rule and share with only one because I've been in a blogging funk and just haven't been getting around much except to the few people who have already gotten this award! Except for one...

SO, I'm sharing Cheryl Ann's lovely award with my friend Eve at Sunny Side Up. Eve keeps me positive with her sunny disposition, her laughing nature, her love for all things outdoors and her amazing ability to ID birds! She rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle and I love her fierce independence and feisty ways. She's become a good friend since moving to Alabama. (Ya know, it's about time for a visit, Evis.)


Rural Rambler said...

Congratulations to you Debi! I love reading your blog and the pictures-simply beautiful. Interesting tidbits about you, hmmmm, especially #4! And congratulations to that Evis Gal! She IS a feisty Sunny Side Up kinda personality :)

Debi I can't imagine changing your blog title BUT....since you are reinventing yourself I am betting you could come up with another great title. Just follow your bliss and your heart. Whatever the title I'll still be reading!

Eve said...

OH Dear!! Thank you my dear! I'm not good at awards but I thank you very much for the thoughts! I'll do my best to get my list out.
And yes time for a trip, soon. I can feel spring pushing it's way in!
I think I know you well enough to know all these things and I think I remember you saying you have a fear of horses. I wish we could do something about that. Having a healthy fear of large powerful things (like I have of my Harley) is good. But there are ways to manifest that fear into a wonderful relationship. I think you should "get on that horse and RIDE!!"

Gaelyn said...

Congrats Debi! You are a stylish blogger. There does seem to be many times in our lives when change is Needed. Be whatever you want to Be. Look inside. Growth is always good. I wouldn't worry about the Giraffe Head Tree name, it will either work or not. I just hope you'll continue to blog and share with us. Hugs!

trav4adventures said...

Oh, Deb, I didn't know you sold your lakeside house! Egads! I learned so much about you...I love music, too, and my "creative" side loves to make music CD's.! HA! I'm so thrilled to share this award with you! Take care! Now, I'm off to see those you nominated! What fun!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Patti said...

I'm feeling a bit weepy as I read that the lake house has sold. I don't know what to say. I can't imagine you without it but I know your resilience will guide you well and even better journeys lay ahead for you.


Carol said...

You are so lucky to have your mother Debbi! I am sure you know that. I find it interesting that horses are a passion and that you hold a deep fear for them. I can understand that though. Beautiful and powerful creatures. One misstep and OUCH! Sorry about your lake house. I would not change the name of your blog. I always enjoy your music, when I visit!


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