Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Creative Heart

Heart-shaped leaf in the birdbath

Long ago a friend told me that she could always tell when her daughters were about to go though a growth spurt.  Their little bodies would began to visually thicken, expanding outward, building deep within before - whoosh! - growing several inches or more within a short amount of time.  This "thickening" was a signal to her that new clothes would soon be needed as her precious daughters grew up.  

What a wonderful analogy for Life itself.  This long ago conversation came to me recently when trying to describe my current status.  A Thickening.  I'm in the midst of my own personal, creative thickening.  

Everyone goes through this I'm sure, but I know this phenomena definitely occurs when it comes to artists and their work.  Painters, musicians, photographers, everyone who dabbles in a creative hobby or business experiences a down time.  This is a time to observe and meditate.  A time to explore and dream.  A time to open our hearts to different pathways.  A time to rest and absorb.  

I believe this thickening time important for the creative process.  As frustrating as it has been for me lately, I finally figured out that this down time is necessary.  Many friends have told me this but it seemed so that I was losing myself, my creative.  As Bart Simpson would say "...Doh!"  As my favorite season approaches and the dry drought heat of summer diminishes it is a relief to realize that I'm in the midst of a thickening.  What a lovely time to be resting, absorbing, observing, meditating, dreaming and exploring!  Welcome Autumn!


Ed Pilolla said...

i too love the image and meaning of thickening. i feel at my healthiest when most dense. i notice it, as you are doing. indeed, how magical and wonderful for the creative process.
i took a break earlier in the year. it happens.

Gaelyn said...

I am SO looking forward to my winter time of thickening. Much to process from this last 7 months. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Thickening stage... sounds delightfully familiar! My eleven year old daughter personifies exactly the same pattern as she grows and changes. I jokingly refer to winter as my "mass-gaining" stage, but perhaps now with this insight, I can relax into it and explore the creative avenues inside the cocoon- instead of always trying to break out.

So glad to have found your writing and photography! Big thanks to Gaelyn for making the connection :)


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