Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day on the Beach

Laughing Gull

The past couple of days have been very, very windy.  Still, we braved the breezes to sit on the beach and relax after days of working on the house.  Laughing Gulls think people are meal tickets.  They were sadly mistaken in our case, but at least I got some good shots as they crept closer and closer before flying off in search of better opportunities.


Enjoying the beach yesterday was a challenge.  White caps as far as the eye can see, wind blowing over chairs and tumbling cups and shells and sand.  Still, we insisted because ... well, we could.  This cormorant was a delightful surprise.  Facing the wind he stretched out his wings to dry them in the breeze.  I got fairly close to him but not close enough to scare him off.  It's his beach, too.

The longer we sat the lower the sun sank behind us, casting an unusual glow onto the waves.  The gusts sent choppy ocean waves roaring toward the beach in rapid succession, each on the heels of the other.

We were transfixed and could have sat there for hours if not for the temperature dropping. There was a wind chill cutting through our sweatshirts, for after all, it IS only April.  With lowering temps, rising winds and an ocean spray beginning to hit us it was time to put the camera back into the safety of its case.

But first....just one more shot....


Deborah Carr said...

Beautiful aqua-marine colours. I wonder if there is anyone on the face of the earth who does NOT love the beach...Your laughing gull looks quite docile and rather sedate.

Gaelyn said...

You've got to enjoy the beach while you can. And bring warm clothes.

Lea said...

Great ocean waves!
Wonderful birds!
Have a great day!
Lea's Menagerie

kendalee said...

I think there's magic in waves... ;) like watching a fire too. Endlessly beautiful and mesmerizing.


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