Saturday, April 14, 2012


I sat on the beach, one idyllic spring dawn
I was witness to a miracle
A miracle that happens every day
As I gazed out into the Atlantic, to the far horizon
I saw it happening....

And out of nothing, the horizon transmutated
From the deep indigo-black, to an amazing crimson
With splashs of orange, yellow and teal
And then....the most amazing thing of all
This giant red ball of celestial luminosity
Rising out of the ashes of yesterday
A perfectly symmetrical ball of pulsating energy

Transitioning....vermillion to pale crimson to bright saffron yellow
The horizon was on fire with colour
The deeper shades gave way
The sky now totally involved, becomes cerulean blue
The fire subsides, clouds open like the gates of Heaven
Once again, Apollo races across the sky on his Pegasus

Welcoming morning to us mortals
And he brings the giver of life to his place in the sky
That spectacular, luminous sphere of light and boundless energy
Yes, mighty Sol, our benevolent sun, takes his throne
And this miracle, this everyday miracle....Sunrise
Mine eyes have seen the glory!

Poem by Tomahawk

I've been busy with projects and health issues - nothing particularly blog-worthy but each necessary and very time consuming.  And soul consuming.  I hope to get back on track with my life next week.  Please say some prayers and keep your fingers crossed - whatever works for you.  In the meantime please enjoy these sunrise shots and this lovely poem by Tomahawk that fits exactly the way I felt while witnessing this miracle.


Gaelyn said...

You are in your element. May it give you the strength to heal.

Carol said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous photos and I love your words too. The sound of the sea can become one within us and I hope it helps you on your path of being well. Take Care Debie!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Stunning seascapes Debi! The first is my favorite with the beautiful reflection in the water, but the second is lovely too. The colors are gorgeous. Keep shooting!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

kendalee said...

So beautiful - words and pictures alike! Sending you good thoughts... Lots!

Deborah Carr said...

Stunning, Deb...This lovely beach looks like heaven on earth. Can there be anything more incredible than sea breezes and tides?


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