Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stop it stop it stop it stop it....

You can't hear the cries of trees over the grating sound of chainsaws, the incessant rumbling and bumbling of bulldozers and bobcats.

Nor can you hear their screams over the din as stout, proud branches are hacked and pulled off, down onto the ground, loaded into trailers to be hauled away and burned.

You don't see the bird nests that are destroyed, the butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalis's that are maimed, anoles and tree frogs killed, complete ecosystems that are decimated, or the people who cry at this loss.

You can't hear the ground shriek as thick roots that anchored a living thing to the earth are yanked out and cast away as nothing.

The earth is crying today as one of hers is gone for good.  I am crying, too.  Marc Cohn in my ear, everything blocked out through my iPod, even that doesn't stop the faint rumble from coming through as the carnage continues.

Makes these seeds ever the more precious. 


bunnits said...

So tragic.

Will we ever learn?

Gaelyn said...

Why this murder? When even the stuffing of ears won't make the pain from your heart go away.

sensiblegardening said...

Living in orchard country we listen to lots of chain saws. Because certain apples are no longer popular on the shelves beautiful old romantic orchards have been cut down by the hundreds. Only to be replaced with dwarf apple trees that will be rounder??? reder???


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