Friday, September 28, 2012

The Giraffe Head Tree

Daylight hours have been consumed with thoughts and images of dreams I've had the past few nights.  A particular image from a snippet, of a part of a dream, will not let go.

The image:  A giraffe breaching the ocean.

Unless I'm mistaken, giraffe's aren't known for swims in oceans. And if they were to test said oceans the event likely wouldn't be here, on the east coast of the good old USA.  Also, if they did decide to take a dip they definitely wouldn't be able to jump out of the water like a whale.  Okay, was only a dream.  Must ponder.

My morning walks with Baylee are enjoyable again, thanks to early autumnal temperatures.  Cooler temps and lower humidity is making me long for the sights and sounds I'm used to this time of year.  Changing leaves, mist on the lake, the sound of loons, wood smoke, migrating birds, the Loopers traversing the Tennessee River, red buckeye seedpods, possumhaw holly berries - those experiences and many more that I've blogged about for years now under the watchful eye of the Giraffe Head Tree.

I've struggled with blog content after leaving my beloved GHT and river behind.  Nothing has really clicked.  The beach is beautiful, the live oaks are majestic, the salt marsh is magical.  Most days I walk Baylee, then I put her in the house and then I walk me.  Sometimes I walk here.  Sometimes I drive to the end of the peninsula and walk there.

But back to the giraffe imagery.  As you know, recently I was lucky enough to see a whale breach the waves just a few hundred yards away from where I was sitting on the beach.  Easily, this has been the highlight of my adventure here.  For my giraffe to replace the whale - is my giraffe head tree telling me to move on?  Or telling me that it's still there, watching over the river, a respite for weary squirrels, a perch for red headed woodpeckers?  Maybe it's simply on my mind and these autumnal clues are reminding me of wonderful memories from my past.  Which really is reminding me that it's time to make some new ones.

What is autumn like on a little east coast beach?  Time to find out...


Lea said...

I'm thankful that I don't remember my dreams - I'm sure they are strange.
Beautiful photo of sky and water!
Have a great day!
Lea's Menagerie

Diane said...

I suspect the dream is that you're not yet willing to let go. I can recall something similar in my life from a half dozen years ago but once I was ready to move on, everything else eased up for me. I think we all need to do these things in our own time and in our own way. But letting go and embracing the new is really important. I look forward to reading more about your discoveries there.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Dreams are mostly puns wrapped up and around the events in our lives.

It is not up to us to evaluate your dream for you, but from my perspective, I hope that it means that you will continue to bring us great images from your universe.


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