Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dedicated to my daughter

Kayla performs in the school play, "Our Town."
I have been extraordinarily blessed with the privilege of raising a child. My daughter and I have had our ups and downs like all mothers and daughters but we are so very much alike. We favor of course, and we share many of the same interests.

Sharing an artistic moment

She loves photography, scary movies, playing board games and video games, day trips to new places, the outdoors, water skiing, hiking, bicycling, her dogs, her family, and wants to become either a veterinarian or a zoologist. She's only 16 - she has time to explore her options! She's well travelled, having flown to Arizona many times and visited more than a dozen states.

Kayla at the Plazza di San Pietro, the Vatican, Rome, Italy

This kid's been to Rome, Italy and from there traveled a train to Florence, Italy. Next year her class trip will be to London, England.

Alex, Kayla and Baylee, the "Berniel." (Bernese Mountain Dog meets Spaniel)

She has a wonderful boyfriend named Alex who has been a tremendous source of strength and spirituality for her. We are thankful for his presence in her life, and our lives. He's a good guy.

Kayla and Baylee enjoy a special moment in the brightly colored lake-side chairs.

This blog entry is dedicated to my amazing daughter. She has become fascinated with my blog and has started one of her own which can be linked to at right, named "A Portrait of War." (She explains in her blog) Please welcome her into the community!

Kayla took this shot - I really like it.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is remarkable Debi. That's due, in large part, to the nurturing you've provided. She is beautiful inside and out. I look forward to enjoying her blog. She's a chip off the ol' block.
Welcome Kayla!

Anonymous said...

Debi, your dedication to Kayla is lovely. She's an exceptional, well adjusted, mature beyond her years, human being. This I'm sure is in large part to her respectful, nurturing mother.
I'm looking forward to Kayla's unique view of the world around her. She is an old soul.
Welcome to the community Kayla!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks for your nice comments, fellow Stingnut! LOL! Glad to see your name here again and hope you're feeling much better. Love ya tons....

jodi said...

What a LOVEly tribute...made me misty. Now, Debi, you've won an award for your excellence...come by and pick it up, with my heartfelt appreciation for brightening my days with your posts.

Anonymous said...

Deb, sorry about the double post. I didn't think the first one had posted so I posted again. Talk about long winded eh?

Kayla said...

Thanks mommy. For your dedication. My last one was only a half dedication.. to baylee. lol.

I love you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Congrats on such a lovely daughter. I will look for her blog.

Carol said...

Oh, This such a sweet post! Our children are so amazing . . . parenting a special journey. She looks so lovely and happy! I will have to visit her blog too. Thanks for sharing your precious daughter. I love your music . . . it makes this Georgia transplant miss the slow feelings of the south. ;>)


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