Saturday, February 2, 2008

Like Everyone Else......

I HAVE to post my bird pictures. Everyone seems to be experiencing these great birding moments, and I've relished in the blogs of others these days. However, the past 6 months - give or take - I've been lacking in the bird moments. Husband retired - "surely you're not buying more BIRD SEED are you?" Well, um, yeah......I have been. But I had to quit for a while since the family wanted groceries THEY could eat (selfish as they are - LOL) so I begged for a new birdfeeder and years supply of bird seed for Christmas. The hubby came through, but bought that cheap seed. These song birds don't like that round stuff, so once that's gone I'll go back to the good stuff.After several weeks with the new feeder up and shiny ribbons flying finally, FINALLY, birds started coming 'round. First came the ubiquitous cardinals, which I LOVE. The bluebirds, the house finches, doves, the wrens and chickadees, and finally goldfinches, titmice, a white-breasted nuthatch and a prize - a Eastern Wood Pewee. (Believe me - I had to look that up!)

This, below, is the Eastern Wood Pewee. I thought it was a flycatcher, then a phoebe, but the coloration just wasn't right. I'll have to make sure through various birding friends, but I think that's what this is. She was a striking bird - very calm and self assured. Beautiful.
Some of my favorites are the Tufted Titmouse. They're sort of cocky, and I like that about them. They only come around for me when there are tons of other birds around. It's not that they're shy, but simply cautious.

The last little guy I captured was a white-breasted nuthatch. They're everywhere, but don't often like posing for photos. I mean, this isn't America's Next Top Bird Models, for heaven's sake. They all just want to nibble in peace and not be bothered by my camera with a long lens and my dog's big face in the window. Birds just make me happy. How can one not be cheered by a bird? (with nod to Pooh) Thanks for letting me post these bird's photos.


kate said...

It looks as if your new feeder is drawing lots of birds to your place. Your photographs are great - it is quite the challenge getting good bird pics.

Crafty Gardener said...

Gorgeous photos of the birds. I'm always taking photos of our feathered frineds.

jodi said...

These are fabulous, Debi! Most of these birds I'll only ever see in books or blog postings, so it was really fun to see them at your bird cafe!

Frances said...

How very sweet is that little peewee! Stunning photos. I love the titmouse also. One time when we were remodeling our home one flew in the electical meter. I could hear the frantic chirping, called the utility company, they quickly responded , opened the meter and out flew a frazzled, slightly blackened titmouse! He lived to tell that tale to his fellows.
Frances at Faire Garden

Diane said...
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Diane said...

silly me ... I see that other message I had in my clipboard was included ... sorry about that (it's how I save messages that keep getting blown out by Blogger) oh heavens :-) good for a laugh anyway! Here's the "improved" version!!

Great shots! and look how it's all working out for you! Sounds like you're getting a LOT of feathered friends visit you.



Blessing Counter said...

Love the bird pics! They do indeed make me smile! Thanks for sharing!


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