Monday, February 11, 2008


That's how I felt when I received notice from Jodi (Bloomingwriter) that she had amazingly chosen my blog for an Excellent award. Giraffe Head Tree is SO new, and my presence here in the blogging world has only begun. Still, every spare moment that comes my way seems to be spent here reading blogs and learning about the incredible people who inhabit this planet. Newscasts are filled with such terrible things about people, and that negativity can really get to a soul. What I find here is contagious optimism because people like Jodi write about things that they love! To use a trite phrase that's oh so fitting - Love Makes The World Go 'Round!

Jodi made it clear that I'm to pass this award on to others I feel bring their own special excellence to the table. I know just the folks...

The first recipient shall be another brand new blogger who also happens to be an old friend whom I've never met. We both love Sting and his music and virtually met on his fan club website. Patti and I have become fast friends thanks to the Internet and I know one day we'll meet face to face. She is an incredible fabric artist and photographer with a wicked sense of humor and a fearless sense of adventure. So, dear friend Patti - your new blog, Island of Souls, has been tagged by me as Excellent and I hope folks link over and take a gander at your lovely works!

The second recipient has to be Diane at Alberta Postcards, formerly Sand to Glass. I first linked to her blog from Jodi's simply because that name - Sand to Glass - intrigued me. The imagery is SO perfect in my head, and I always visualize beach glass - that soft, green beach glass. I love that imagery and the memories it brings forth. The quote that Diane keeps at the top that says "Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there, except those that sang best" has been placed prominently on my vision board, it's so perfect. Diane also wants to put a labryinth in her yard....just like Sting has...and that's just so cool! She photographs trees and birds in addition to flowers, but one of the main reasons are her two Australian Shepherds!!! I love looking at her dog's photos and miss my own Aussie, Brie, so much. I've sort of virtually (there's that word again) adopted them. She has another blog called Dogs Naturally that focus on her Aussies and her Spaniel and naturally I check it out often.

The third recipent is John at Born Again Bird Watcher. An amateur bird watcher myself, I've learned so much from his blog. He is an extraordinarily gifted writer and birder watcher, and has provided a plethora of links and details about birding that I've never known existed. His blog continues to fascinate me, and educates me daily. Besides that, he's just a really nice guy!

I've not talked with many more folks so this'll have to do it for me. Thank you, Jodi, for bestowing this honor upon my blog today. It was a nice surprise and a very humbling moment for this new blogger.


Anonymous said...

Debi, you humble me now. You are so sweet to do this but I'm the least deserving. Now I'll really have to keep the effort up so I don't disappoint you! lol
Love ya kiddo!

jodi said...

Lovely post, Debi...Diane's gonna get quite a surprise when she gets back from VAncouver Island and finds she has two awards (or maybe more...February is a good month for giving such things out!)
And you deserve this--you're a bright spot in my day especially when we're getting clobbered by another snowstorm...

Kayla said...

it's okay.. i'm proud of you for getting another...award. you seem to get alot.. like for you photography.. and now this. aren't you just special. my bolona and cheese thing is good.

Anonymous said...

Debi, I am deeply honored by this award. Your words about my blog bring me profound joy and reassure me that what I am doing is worthwhile. I will do my best to assure that this accolade is well deserved.


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