Monday, June 2, 2008

Road Trip - Montgomery

My daughter attended a leadership conference in Montgomery last week and through the weekend, representing her school among 150 other delegates doing likewise. She had a ball, learned a lot and made a great many new friends. Moreover, the experience opened her eyes to the future and changed her forever.

She had to stay on the Auburn University in Montgomery campus, so The Mama got to stay in a hotel. All. By. Herself. The hotel was new and located right smack dab in the middle of the exclusive EastChase shopping area. There was a fitness room, a pool, business center and great shopping and restaurants nearby. The suite had a separate living room with kitchenette, and a bedroom with two queen-sized beds that were THE most luxurious and comfortable beds I've ever, EVER slept in. I wanted to take one home. Actually, I didn't want to leave.

I decided to read and rest, pamper myself, and simply visit nearby gardens and museums. The first was Blount Cultural Park, which are the photos you see here. "Uniting art and nature which fosters education and the preservation of open space." This park was calling my name.

Driving in through curling roadways and gently rolling green hills dotted with trees and walking trails, this bridge, "Thunderhouse" and viewing deck, above, was the first sight that greeted me. "Thunderhouse," is named such as it provide shelter during the odd "pop-up" thunderstorms that are common.

Standing on the observation deck, this is what you see. There were Canada Geese in abundance, and many had babies in tow. There were many areas I wish I'd seen but didn't. The heat was pretty intense, and I wasn't acclimated to it. Still, this lush green park instilled within me a peace deep in my soul.

I was drawn to Shakespeare's Garden, which is located next to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival building. The bronze sculpture, above, is one of my favorite titled "The Puddlejumpers."

Lovely bench in Shakespeare's Garden where I rested and pondered.

These trees lined the paths within the garden. I thought they were sycamores, but can't find a sycamore listed on their website. More research must be done and I'll update this post when I discover what it is. Anyone know?

The lighted amphitheatre is the center for outdoor musicals, plays, concerts and lectures, in addition to being a prime location for weddings and receptions.

I visited the Museum of Art as well, but of course no photos were allowed. However, I was serenaded by two cute teenage guys who were playing guitars by the waterfall, entertained by children feeding the egrets and Canada Geese, and amused by the little goslings following their mom and dad around.
Getting away by yourself is good for one's mind. At first I felt a little lost, but the first moment I spent sitting by the pool dangling my feet in the water, a glass of wine at my side, I felt a wave of tranquility. I'll post more later.


Anonymous said...

Love your photos. That's a beautiful park!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This looks like a wonderful place to wander. That tree looks something like a river birch. Do you have a picture of the leaves?
Love that bridge too. The sculpture makes me happy looking at those childrens faces.

wcgillian said...

Your photos always seem to put me into a dream state. They stir the seeds of imagination. Very nice as usual!


Anonymous said...

what a lot of interesting architecture. That bridge is amazing -- looks like the photos we see of bridges in England. So glad you had such a great time and that this was so life changing for your daughter.


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