Saturday, June 21, 2008


Things for which I am grateful for today:
Sunsets that bring me to my knees
Soft river waters
Fishy smells on summer days
Cacophony of cicadas on muggy evenings
The thrumming of passing barges that match my heartbeat
Good friends who "get me"
My good health and sharp senses that allow me these pleasures
My mom
...not necessarily in order.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so beautiful. I was with you all the way ... when I got to "mom" my eyes welled up. Beautiful.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

The best things in life are free- aren't they? Everything in your poem for which you are grateful- are free to all. Unfortunately, I forget that simple truth so often- and get too busy- or worry too much- that I miss the simple blessings that a day brings. I like the following quote from the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales":

Bounty hunter #1: You're wanted, Wales.

Josey Wales: Reckon I'm right popular. You a bounty hunter?

Bounty hunter #1: A man's got to do something for a living these days.

Josey Wales: Dyin' ain't much of a living, boy.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thank you for stopping by and dropping off some kindness while here.


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