Thursday, June 5, 2008

Road Trip - Montgomery's Birds

Gentle readers I must share my bird friends from Montgomery. First, the stately and elegant egret encountered at the Montgomery Museum of Art. This particular egret was extraordinarily used to people and allowed me to get quite close. A family with bags of bread kept him nearby and focused, allowing some nice shots including a lovely portrait.

My hotel faced a small man-made lake, punctuated at the center with a tall exclamation point of a fountain. The lake was healthy and popular, as evidenced by the presence of several varieties of ducks and the ubiquitious Canada Geese. I was delighted that a family of 5 were constant residents. I watched them over coffee in the morning and wine in the evening, enjoying the peaceful and tranquil sight. The parent's protective posturing was constant as they kept the three goslings close by, usually in between the two of them. They were a joy to watch, but I was careful to keep my distance so that Mr. Goose wouldn't become alarmed and give chase.

A sunset swim.

Finally, I'd seen flitting amid the cattails and grasses a little green heron, but was never able to capture him digitally. Loading up the car I hear all the birds sounding alarms and the little green heron is perched on a wire above the parking lot. Odd, that. Herons are ones to perch in such a manner. The reason becomes clear - a cat walking about underneath is causing quite a stir. Thanks cat - I got my photo.

So that's it. The birds of Montgomery, or those I spied anyway. The ones that gave me pleasure and added to the texture of the trip.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lovely birds all. The portrait of the Great Egret shows all the different colors in its bill. It sounds like you enjoyed your visit to Montgomery.

Kayla said...

I love the pictures mom. I especially like the first one. its incredible. Umm. I updated. and I took that horse quiz.. I'm an arabian. :]

Anonymous said...

how fortunate to get so close. With the light, that bottom photo of the goose family is great!



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