Tuesday, August 26, 2008

January 8, 2003

The phones were ringing everywhere. "Are you seeing this sunset?" It was truly one of the more remarkable sunsets I've ever seen in my life. This photo doesn't really do it justice. We hadn't had the Sony Cybershot 5.0 for very long and were just getting started in the world of digital photography. Digital photography has come a long way since 2003.

Normally we cannot see much of sunsets from our house due to the house just west of us that juts into our view. However, this sunset spanned the entire sky from west to east in deep purple, blue, magenta, fuchsia, peach and yellow. The lake waters reflected the symphony of colors adding its own into the mix. It was truly spectacular.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is spectacular. It looks unreal it is so colorful. I am glad you got to capture it and show it on your blog. Thanks.

Blessing Counter said...

Just so restful -- I need to just come sit on your deck and be.
Love, C

Michaela said...

How do you capture the most beautiful sunsets?! I'm so jealous!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Wow, Debi! Super nice colors! Now that is what you call a palette.

By the way, be careful getting your photos printed at Walmart- they may accuse you of being a professional and not release the photos back to you unless you can prove that you took them. That happened to me last night. I'm flattered, but miffed as I had already paid for them online and was just picking them up. I still don't have my photos- they wouldn't give them to me. :) I wrote about it at my favorite photography site: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1019&message=29105876

Daniel Spurgeon said...

A photo contest you might be interested in. I'm going to enter a few pics- and I'm entering a couple of Sebastian's photos in it as well.

Anonymous said...

Now that is spectacular!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I should say it's spectacular! What amazing colors!


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